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Insurtech is completely upending the way the insurance companies operate and how consumers access coverage

We enable insurance providers to improve their speed and their customer experience quickly using our innovative technology. Large firms expect tech innovation to drive profitability and to improve customer experience, tech will ultimately control insurance operations going forward.
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Insurance Providers & Incumbents need to adapt

To stay ahead of the curve, everything from Ops to claims management can leverage AI, Machine Learning, and Insurance providers can embrace "Insurtech". Demands from the consumer are affecting the way providers can conduct business. Despite the complex infrastructures incumbents are operating on, innovation must take place in order to remain competitive.
ArkusNexus provides insurance solutions for mid-sized and large insurance incumbents. We develop robust software solutions that help providers to remain competitive in today’s innovative landscape.
We have proven experience to successfully develop a large scale software development project with competent multidisciplinary teams that use cutting edge technology, possess full-stack development capabilities and a deep understanding of artificial intelligence.

We have a proven trilogy of principles that explain our slogan: accelerating progress through technology:

team extension


product expansion


technology innovation


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Custom Insurtech Solutions

- Insurance Claims Management Software Solutions
- Insurance Risk Management Software (RMS) Solutions
- Mobile Insurance Application Solutions
- Insurance Document Management Software Solutions

Mobile Insurance Applications

- Applications for Adjusters
- Insurance applications for clients

Insurance Management Software

We integrate Insurance management APIs with other tools to extend your current solutions
- Insurance management
- CRM integrations
- Document management

All Insurtech Solutions
Our offices in San Diego and Irvine are the best proof that we are a 100% bicultural company.

- Claims management
- Risk management
- Mobile application solutions
- Document management
- CRM enablement solutions
- Billing and payments solutions

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