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Tech leadership

We are available for service of your product and technology business, with the capabilities of a multidisciplinary team formed on the basis of years of experience; we have been working constantly to solve the problems of large scale clients.

Each member of our software development team has developed skills that make him an expert in his area, without underestimating his mastery in other areas of software engineering to solve design problems.

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers makes it easy to expand the features and functionality of your digital product with a vision toward future scalability.

tech leadership

Technological leadership implies having up-to-date professionals on the most advanced tools adapted to each client.

We have the vision of scalability of your business to create a digital product for today, but that is easy to grow in the future according to the demand of your market.

We want you to know ArkusNexus and we are at your disposal to talk about your needs or concerns and then, propose how to accelerate your business.

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a team based approacH to software development

At Arkusnexus we are committed to transforming nearshore software development contracts from cost-saving initiatives to strategic investment opportunities with long-term ROI. Via our managed dedicated scrum teams, clients get more than a task driven vendor, but rather an autonomous and accountable partner.

However, don't be alarmed when we tell you that we are a large team; This is not to say that our nearshore software development services will cost your business more; We develop and maintain three key points of synergy, which are: Customer Culture, Competition and Happy Engineering.

We are aware of what it means to exercise a position of technological leadership; For this reason, we are in contact with universities and new talents to reorient the course when necessary. We seek new solutions to new problems and we don’t mind teaching others to achieve their goals.

Quality Results

Mature processes ensure we write quality code, meet deadlines and get things done in a timely manner.

Turn Key Approach

We make your projects our own: Developers and managers focus on adding value to your business, requiring minimal oversight.

Extreme Proximity

We maintain close communication during your regular business hours and interact face-to-face with your company's engineering teams.

The Pillars of our Work:

Delivery of Services
Our experience can be seen in the portfolio of services, where we have served diverse clients, of different sizes and indifferent sectors.

Meeting Deadlines
Our proximity on the border line allows us to attend in person important meetings such as the delivery of a happily completed project and within the required deadlines.

Experienced Professionals
Talented professionals, up to date on the latest tools to meet your project requirements.

Offices in the US and México
Our offices in San Diego and Irvine are the best proof that we are a 100% bicultural company.

For your convenience: We are here

One of our strengths as a Nearshore Software Development company is that we have offices in the United States. Our offices in San Diego and Irvine are the best proof that we are a 100% bicultural company. Being here is another positive sign that your product is in the hands of responsible people who have no problem abiding by American laws. You can trust us as a new software development partner.



3065 Beyer Blvd B-2
San Diego CA 92154 - 349

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