October 1, 2020

Press Release: Tijuana Innovadora 2020

ArkusNexus to participate as sponsor of Tijuana Innovadora 2020, accelerating Tijuana’s economic development. ArkusNexus helps with Tijuana software development.


ArkusNexus to participate as sponsor of Tijuana Innovadora 2020, accelerating Tijuana’s economic development.

Oct. 1, 2020 (Tijuana) - To underscore its commitment to creating transformational pathways for Tijuana, ArkusNexus will serve as the Sponsor of Tijuana Innovadora 2020. From October 6-10, 2020, ArkusNexus will join hundreds of civic and business leaders from the region to celebrate Tijuana's social innovation and committed business community.

“At Tijuana Innovadora we are very grateful to ArkusNexus, since the beginning of our organization they have been great allies and have contributed enormously to our mission of fostering better citizens. For 10 years that we started with our first great event, they were there, this time they are a fundamental part of the Largest Digital Event in Mexico, where a great variety of topics that draw Tijuana as a city of the Future will be presented, and that definitely includes cutting-edge companies such as ArkusNexus ".

 - Flavio Olivieri, Director of Institutional Development of Tijuana Innovadora.

“The ArkusNexus family is committed to highlighting the capabilities and talent of Mexican engineers and being a company founded in Tijuana, our roots converge very well with the mission that Tijuana Innovadora represents. So, here we are once again reaffirming our commitment to the movement, not only through sponsorship but with the firm conviction that Mexican and Tijuana talent have no borders.”.

 -  Marco Barraza, Co-CEO ArkusNexus

About ArkusNexus

ArkusNexus, a software development company that promotes technology capabilities for US companies interested in taking advantage of nearshore benefits. Learn more about ArkusNexus at

About Tijuana Innovadora 2020

Tijuana Innovadora is a social innovation platform within the city of Tijuana. Through our programs, we transform the lives of Tijuana residents, and in doing so, we transform the city itself, creating a society firmly rooted, hopeful, committed, and motivated to give the best of itself.

Media Contact: Kimberly De Hoyos,

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