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Quality assurance

There are different QA methodologies available depending on the objective you want to test; Also, you can find various software quality assurance tools; However, the question often asked by the manufacturer or owner of a website, an app or software is what is more convenient for QA: a manual or automated testing? Although automated quality assurance testing will always be necessary due to the advantages it offers, manual testing cannot be completely ruled out, since this is carried out by the internal development team with tests from scratch, since they know a lot about the product and what it is. what it is expected to do.

quality assurance

On the other hand, outsourcing the QA tests to a nearshore outsourcing company is productive because they provide a different point of view to test the product, detecting new failures.

Here experience is important; In the case of ArkusNexus, all its engineers and leadership teams have experience in the DevOps methodology whose success is based on automation, reducing the time to implement changes without threatening quality and monitoring all stages of software development.

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OUR Quality assurance Methodology

Our DevOps practices seek to optimize the response time to the changes that are required while maintaining quality; That is why we support automated QA and monitoring at each stage of the product creation process. We make the testing and development process collaborative; thus, quality assurance (QA) is key in the DevOps methodology because it is part of it.

This collaboration between multidisciplinary teams contributes to self-organization within a shared decision-making process within a short-term framework. Feel free to request our portfolio of experiences and check out how we did it; You will  see the cases where our services have demonstrated effectiveness and full customer satisfaction.

Proven Experience in DevOps Methodology for QA

QA is one of the key components in the DevOps Methodology. When it comes to hiring a company for QA methodologies, proven experience is very important to do all kinds of product tests to detect possible failures in a real scenario.

Having a multidisciplinary team for QA tasks will allow considering all points of view about the product and contributing new ideas.

Our success is based on QA test management tools to ensure the timely delivery of changes, provide consistent results and meet quality standards.

Automated QA Testing Tools

There are different automated quality assurance testing tools, depending on what you intend to test in the product, e.g. test a web application on various platforms and browsers; do functional tests for software applications or tests for desktop applications.

Each level tested must have a measure to allow its automation. The advantage of automated QA processes and methodologies lies in the high repetition of the tests or those that require a lot of data for an action, all this without human help. Those that do not require much repetition can be done manually.

We use the latest software quality assurance tools to reduce labor costs and tasks.

Agile Methodology in QA

The Agile methodology or QA process in agile recognizes that not all tests can be automated depending on the level of difficulty, which would imply expensive costs. The QA responsibilities in agile not only involves testing, it is also development, since developers and testers must actively collaborate to conclude the project for the client.

Our quality control software engineering is based on iterative and incremental product development (Agile Methodology); here, active staff collaboration and prompt feedback help quality assurance success.

These are our pillars for Quality Assurance:

Automated QA Testing Tools
By using automated QA testing tools, it promotes continuous work of monitoring the processes, improving quality.

Advantages of implementing our methodology
Speeds up the product development and testing process.

Cost Reductions
Reduce labor costs and eliminate routine tasks.

Increase Speed
The time to process information is reduced, favoring space for analysis of functions and diagnosis.

Stronger End Products
The time to process information is reduced, favoring space for analysis of functions and diagnosis.

Let us help with the implementation of automated quality assurance to make the test and development process more collaborative, ensure software quality, and help bring the product to market faster.



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