February 17, 2021

Software Quality Assurance and why you need to know it

Software Quality Assurance is a set of systematic activities that ensure that the software and product process conform to requirements, standards, and procedures.

SQA or Software Quality Assurance reviews and audits software to verify that procedures and quality standards are met. Following the audit, the review is provided to the project manager.


Software Quality Assurance is a set of systematic activities that ensure that the software and product process conform to requirements, standards, and procedures. Processes include all activities involved in the design, coding, testing, and maintenance; Products include software, associated data, documentation, and all documentation for support and reports. Its purpose is to provide visibility on the processes used by the software project and on the products it generates.

Objectives of the Software Quality Assurance:

  • Plan quality assurance activities.
  • Objectively review and audit products and activities to verify that they are in compliance with applicable procedures and standards.
  • Provide the results of these reviews or audits, informing management when mediation is necessary.


  • Verify the adherence of software products and activities to applicable standards, procedures, and requirements.
  • To inform the involved groups and individuals about the activities and results of the Software Quality Assurance.
  • Tasks that do not meet standards or procedures and cannot be resolved within the software project are dealt with by general management.

Main activities:

  • Prepare an SQA plan for the software project according to documented procedures.
  • The activities of the SQA team are carried out according to the SQA plan.
  • The SQA team participates in the preparation and review of project development plans, standards, and procedures.
  • The SQA team reviews Software Engineering activities to verify compliance with the SQA plan.
  • The SQA team audits the products to verify compliance with the SQA plan.
  • The SQA team periodically reports the results of its activities to the software development team.
  • Detected deviations in software activities and software products are documented and handled according to previously documented procedures.
  • The SQA team periodically conducts reviews of its activities and meets with the client's SQA staff, as necessary.

Software Quality Assurance’s role

The role of SQA is to provide a Software Development Methodology with the assurance that officially established processes are being implemented. And it ensures that:

  • An appropriate work methodology is established.
  • The projects use quality standards and procedures in their development.
  • That the documentation is created for maintenance and improvement.
  • Tests are conducted and approved.
  • Any deficiencies and deviations are identified and brought to the attention of the manager.

Software Quality Assurance

While Software Quality Assurance takes care of the entire software development process, there are two complementary concepts that we can refer to as Software Quality Control (SQC), which are the processes and methods used to compare the quality of a product with the applicable requirements and standards, and the action taken when something wrong is detected, and Software Testing, which is the evaluation of a system or its components, to verify that it satisfies certain specific requirements.

The world of SQA is immense and carries a great level of responsibility. Its role is as important as that of development and its benefits are undeniable: it positively impacts the project budget, the organization's deadlines and resources, the corporate image, and the user experience. Those people who feel identified with the search to add value to the process, the product, and the people, will undoubtedly be able to make a great career.

To learn about Automated quality assurance click here.

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