July 8, 2020

My experience with our Roundtable

We provide this software development podcast to help business owners, CTO's, CEO's and CIO's on ideas of potential actions to take in times of the pandemic.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to have a really interesting conversation with Angel Sanchez, Co-founder & CEO at Arkusnexus and David Anderson, Founder and President at Liondesk

But before jumping in explaining the most relevant information I got out of that conversation, I want to share why we decided to choose this topic

Nowadays everything is related to COVID-19 and its consequences, and even though we try to not share content about this recurrent topic to focus on more positive and productive things, we noticed that a lot of start-ups and companies are encountering this difficult situation in which they need to decide what next steps are best for their organization. That is why we decided to put together this talk since we believe that you can always learn by listening to different perspectives. 

Angel and David had taken their respective companies by being creative and by making the right decision at the right time. 

When they were both asked ‘What is the best thing to do during this time, invest, cost reduction, or both?’

David explained that he took the decision to invest during this pandemic, in Liondesk’s engineering team as he believes that this whole situation will come to an end, and now is the time to position yourself in front of the competition. On Angel’s end, he decided that the best direction to take during this time was to open a new delivery center in Aguascalientes, Mx adding +30 people to its engineering staff. 

As for the cost reduction, Angel mentioned that instead of calling it ‘cost reduction’ he calls it being efficient. David concurred in this. 

When they were both asked about how they keep their whole team motivated during this whole situation, David mentioned that he even set up a task force in which they openly discuss best ideas on how to overcome the current challenges together as a team. He mentioned that involving its team and keeping open and honest communication is the best way to keep them aligned to their objectives and motivated. Angel concurred and added that trusting and encouraging your staff, while keeping an open communication is crucial to maintain your team motivated

This was a really interesting conversation because I was able to get different perspectives and thoughts from two tech leaders that their business model is different, and that’s where I see true value for the audience. I’d like to continue explaining and sharing with you more insights and thoughts, but instead, I’d like to invite you to listen and watch the conversation that I had with them. 

I’m confident that at least you’ll be able to get one additional perspective so you can apply it to your business.

Listen to the first part of our conversation here:

Part 2 coming soon...

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Fernando Romano
Fernando is a Business Development executive for Arkus, his focus is on locating tech companies that require fast scaling of their software engineering capacity.
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