September 3, 2020

10 tips to adapting your software development team to change

We are a nearshore software company in the US. Learn 10 tips to adapting your software development team to change.

Your software development team requires all the support they can get from their leadership, as we navigate through new ways of collaborating together. There are certain challenges and traits software development team leaders should be aware of as they evolve and strive to succeed. 

Recently ArkusNexus senior executive David Annis provided some insights on managing 100% remote teams. Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Rules of engagement 
  2. Have set times every day for your Agile Daily-Standups, create a stable Habit for your team
  3. Make sure everyone has the tools they need (headphones, mic, IM / chat, fast Internet, etc.)
  4. Humans are social animals. Make sure you check-in with your engineers
  5. Watch very carefully for team members who are having problems - is it stres, illness, concern about close family and friends?
  6. Track performance using SMART goals and KPIs
  7. Look at how you need to adjust your budget to the changing business environment
  8. Sadly many laid off workers will not be rehired, so what do you need to automate to adjust to this new reality
  9. At the same time, look at ways technology can be used for new opportunities and how you can add value to the business
  10. Prepare for more uncertainty and change, as no one knows how long this will last

For a deeper dive into adapting your software development team to change, please listen-in to the podcast episode here.
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Marco Barraza
Marco is our VP Enterprise Operations Development. He serves as a liaison to companies looking to expand their software development capabilities.
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