June 4, 2021

Two Insurtech Panels you Don't Want to Miss

We take a look at two of our own insurtech premium pieces of content and what can you learn from them, they are currently free so check them out (links inside).

The insurance industry is a very broad sector in which you can see multiple disciplines at work, such as economics, customer experience, law, technology, etc. And each one of them has its own line of processes and methodologies. Technology has been playing a huge role in recent years, so much that there’s a whole industry dedicated to developing tech specifically to insurance, and this is what we know as the Insurtech industry. 

As a tech company, it’s a necessity to completely understand how the industry works, this is why since the year started we’ve been working to connect with people that lead the Insurtech industry and lucky for us, one of our long-time partners happens to be the largest independent pet insurance provider in the US, for those who don’t know yes, I’m talking about FIGO pet insurance.

Now, these efforts were put together by our content team and what we ended up with were two premium pieces of content that you will not find anywhere else, these series are called “Insurtech Acceleration Drivers” and I want to take this time to remind everyone that hasn’t yet seen them about these two pieces.

Accelerate your insurtech strategy

Accelerate your insurtech strategy

The first piece our team delivered is called “Accelerate your insurtech Strategy”, and as the name says, it’s a series of tips and stories that will guide you through the process of accelerating your strategies and scaling your business. This one has Chip Aubry as a speaker, Chip is the Vice-President of Technology in FIGO pet insurance.

These are the main topics you’ll see Chip tackling during the webinar:


During the video, we learn how FIGO leveraged insurtech to launch it’s European expansion strategy and how they leverage cloud-based technology to offer a greater customer experience standard. You’ll also learn how they’ve increased performance in policy purchase/claims management, and how technology consulting provided a platform for incremental market growth.

Click here to view our premium piece which is available for free right now.

The effect of automotive automation on the insurance space

The effect of automotive automation on the insurance space

This time our team was able to coordinate a panel which includes not one, not two, but three speakers that will be debating their knowledge, experiences and points of view of one of the most interesting phenomenon's that is happening right now in the insurance industry, which are autonomous cars. This time we have John Crispi and John Mejia from Pro Gen Financial, and Gilad Shai from, this is the first time we include people from different companies which offer a wider point of view of the whole situation. Expect answers to questions such as:

  • How will self-driving cars affect the space if human error is eliminated?
  • Will telematics be eliminated?
  • What about predictive analytics - will they become obsolete?
  • And more.

Human error is definitely a driver in the insurance space and a lot of methodologies are based on just that. So it’s very interesting to see how the industry is reacting and preparing for a future with autonomous cars.

This piece is also free right now, click here to watch the video.

I want to thank Erick and Keith because it’s thanks to them that we were able to publish these two great pieces of premium content. Kudos on the effort.

To learn more about Insurtech and how ArkusNexus can leverage the help you need, click here.

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