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john crispi

John Crispi
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John Mejia
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gilad shai

Gilad Shai

Autonomous cars aren’t a new concept at this point. Most major auto manufacturers are now either developing or releasing an autonomous vehicle in 2021, Tesla being the most prominent and highest valued automaker in the game.

While the bugs in the process are being worked out, the debate on the impact this will have on the insurance industry as a whole lives on. Human error is a driver in the insurance space and the major methodologies are based on just that. How will self-driving cars affect the space if human error is eliminated? Will telematics be eliminated? What about predictive analytics - will they become obsolete?

This webinar series discusses insurtech and it's evolution. For the 2nd webinar episode, we'll be discussing the effect of automation on the insurance space, particularly the automotive sector.

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