April 29, 2021

Understanding our main Acceleration Drivers

Learn how our acceleration drivers make ArkusNexus a special software development company.

Technology is a big part of today’s business, it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, the fact that tech will help you is undeniable, we are living in a time in which you not only need to be present in the digital world, but actually you need to be functional on it.

This is where ArkusNexus enters the game, it enters to disrupt the industry you are working at and bring new and better solutions to the table. We do software development, yes, but we stay away from the traditional nearshore software model in which companies act as your software manufacturers, we believe software should be approached in a different way involving different profiles and perspectives.

I want to take a second to read our mission statement, and it goes like this: “We are committed to transforming nearshore software development contracts from cost-savings initiatives to strategic investment opportunities.” pretty clear but, how do we do this?

There are 3 main drivers that we ensure are present in every project we work on, and these 3 drivers are basically our mantra. It’s easy to understand what we do, so let's focus on how we do it. Let’s start with the first one:

Team Extension:

Team extension means that we are an extension of your team, of course, but let’s focus on how we do it: Let’s say we already investigated your industry, our leaders fully understand your objectives, short and long-term goals and your technology, what’s next? We select your team's personnel based on those findings, we handpick software developers, product owners, scrum masters and UX designers that we believe are well aligned to your goals and preferably, have experience working in your industry

As an extension of your team, these people will be self-sufficient and fully understand your work culture and your technology, they will be able to lead the project hand-in-hand with your team or by themselves if that’s what’s needed. We understand this team will be a representation of your brand and that’s why we believe them understanding your company’s culture is very important.

Product Expansion:

Remember when we mentioned we are not just software development teams? Here is where the tech consultancy comes to play. Your team will include tech leaders that will utilize blueprints and metrics to be able to understand the project's limitations and work towards making every goal your company has a reality

Your product will be created with expansion and scalability in mind, making sure we don’t get to a point in which in order to expand we’ll need to re-write anything or start from scratch, saving valuable time and getting final products to market faster.

Technology Innovation

ArkusNexus is formed by a culture of innovation and people working here are passionate about it, we want to be fully future-proof and always be prepared for the new technologies that the market keeps bringing up.

In order to do so, we have dozens of developers and leaders dedicating their time on understanding and mastering new technologies, this is what we call “Mind Teams”, a fully-fledged division whose main purpose is training. They work in different projects to gain expertise and we make sure new technologies are part of this training, so when the time comes from one of them to jump into an actual team extension division, they will be 100% capable of giving great results, and with enough real market experience, make the jump from junior to senior developer.

AkusNexus is passion for technology, it is challenging traditional workflows with fresh ideas and modern approaches, it is not being satisfied only with having good results but thriving to innovate and make an impact in your industry.

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