April 27, 2021

Bootcamp Development Model

Learn the process and personnel involved in ArkusNexus own software development training program and the different challenges that we've encountered over the years.

Mind University

Mind university was initiated with the purpose of promoting comprehensive training for every MIND collaborator and the technological community of the region. We’d do this through training and creating different projects.

What is the Mind Bootcamp?

It is a comprehensive program within the Mind University unit, with the aim of providing real knowledge and experience to developers of the region, preparing them to be integrated into different challenges and actual projects with clients.

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Bootcamp graduates

Bootcamp story

The first bootcamp began in September 2015 in the city of Tijuana, we currently have 9 generations that have completed the challenge. The first bootcamp in the city of Monterrey began in May 2019 and the first bootcamp in the city of Aguascalientes began in April 2021.

These processes allowed us to support more than 200 participants from which the best profiles were selected for a job offer to be a part of ArkusNexus.

Profile types

  • Professor
  • Mentor
  • Coach
  • Consultant

Supporting the participants in the best way possible is very important for us, that is why we utilize mentors to fulfill this challenge.

The mentor provides basic information and allows participants to find their own practical solutions. All mentors are people who work within the Mind group with knowledge in their area.

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Training model

Our program lasts 3 months, it is focused on students that are currently in their last semesters of university, but everyone is welcome to join.

We have mentors for each different technology, during the first month the mentors give a theoretical / practical follow-up, with this the students have all the tools and methodologies necessary for the construction and development of a certain project.

During the 2 months remaining the participants work with a defined “client” (which is also a member from the MIND group) who then transmits the idea of the system they want to obtain to them.

The most important thing is to manage an agile process that is able to adapt to change and develop solutions that allows validating the client's idea in every sprint review.

At the end, participants present the implemented solution, explain the main challenges they faced and how they developed a strategy to solve them. 

Student Benefits:

  • Professional growth
  • Technical knowledge
  • Opportunity to land their first job offer.

Mentor Benefits:

  • Professional growth
  • Develop communication abilities

Primary knowledge acquired:

  • Git
  • Good practices
  • Databases

Development profiles (Devs):

  • Backend development (.NET, Node)
  • Frontend development(React, Angular, Vue)
  • Mobile development (Android, React Native)

Quality assurance profiles (QA):

  • Manual processes
  • Automatization (Java, Python)

Development opportunity with clients

Thanks to this program, we have greater talent growth development, thus giving better results to our clients. We can meet up-to-date technical needs and provide scalable solutions by doing so.

Case Study from Arkusnexus
Alvaro Muñoz
Alvaro is currently on mind teams (MT), acting as a talent manager, he likes to research and apply new technologies in software development, his favorite hobby is building electronic circuits.
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