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Who we are

We are a community of talented Mexicans in the software industry who for more than 16 years have been doing what we love: demonstrating the true level of Mexico abroad through high-quality software solutions.

We work with people and companies that change lives through technology in different sectors such as Entertainment, Health, Financial, Insurer or Technology. We bring together teams of creative minds, technology experts and focus on our clients achieving their business goals.

We use an Agile methodology, which allows us to ensure the delivery of results on time and without sacrificing quality while helping our clients achieve their goals and grow.


Medical Services

Insurance for minor and major medical expenses MEX and USA.

Economic Benefits

Savings fund, bonds and personal loans.

Training Support

Technical training, courses and certifications you need for your work and professional growth.

Get your VISA

We support you financially and with a work letter so that you can carry out your process.

Relocation Support

Transportation, moving, stay for a month and financial support for 5 more months.

Work time Flexibility

Self-managed teams with the option to manage their work times.


Financial support for memberships at associated gyms.


All inclusive sports and digital events.

Events, Parties and Celebrations

Arkus Anniversary, inns, commemorative days and more.

Dining Services, Snacks and Drinks

Free breakfast, low price lunch, free snacks and beer.

Recreations and Rest Areas

Arcades, pool table, ping pong table and chill room, are some of the amenities we offer.

Non-existent Clothing Policy

Jeans, shorts, tennis, flip flops, you can wear what you like and make you feel comfortable.


If you find the love of your life here we will be happy for you (just don't eat bread in front of the poor).

Maternity / Paternity Leave

We will be happy to know that your family is growing and you can take days to attend to that moment.

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San Diego:
3065 Beyer Blvd B-2 San Diego, California 92154 +1-619-900-1164

Los Angeles:
530 Technology Drive Suite 100 & 200 Irvine, California CA 92618