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Mobile Development

Smartphones have become the new way for companies to contact consumers; Your company can be at the fingertips of your customers to start and finish the sales processes or key information to decide the purchase.

Consumers look to their smartphones for solutions to their problems through mobile applications or mobile websites. Today, mobile conversions already outnumber conversions made from desktops and laptops.

mobile development

Even if you already have a website on the Internet, your website must be configured to be displayed on all types of mobile device screens. Our nearshore app development can help you optimize websites or your application to maximize conversions.

As CTO, CEO or CIO, it is natural that you want to accelerate the growth of your company with the use of technology; We are a mobile web development company that has been operating, for almost 20 years, under the nearshore outsourcing model based in the United States and Mexico.

If you already have an App or are thinking of making your own App, we can also help in mobile app development from scratch to provide the necessary maintenance for optimal operation. Our mobile app developers focus on the end user and their designs have scalability to expand functions or meet user growth.

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Access to a multidisciplinary team of experts in mobile web development and mobile app performance, will have no more costs for your company and will take advantage of all our experience for the benefit of your business.

Thanks to Mobile Development, your app will have a faster response time, you will be able to attract the interest of your customers and take advantage of a direct communication channel for your products, services and promotions. In addition, you can immediately analyze the feedback and opinions on your products and services, to give them immediate response without the need for costly market research.

Gain the edge in digital marketing for your brand, cultivate customer loyalty, and facilitate quick payouts with mobile development effectively applied. We have the mobile thought leadership that will enhance your business. Never before has it been so easy to ask about your doubts, we offer you various contact channels so that you can easily schedule an interview, free of charge, with our mobile web development consultants and Apps.

Advantages of Mobile Web Development

If you have an idea to create a new App for your product or company, this is the opportunity to take a firm first step. We are a mobile application development company with more than 19 years in the American market. Consult with us to help you structure that new mobile development project.

We have the knowledge and technique to exploit in favor of your App or mobile web, the various high-tech tools that exist in today's smartphones: GPS, cameras, sensors, accelerometers and multimedia tools.

Promote this new channel of communication and sales with customers; Your App will be much better than the newsletter you subscribe to to receive news by email. We are able to advise you from the conception of the idea to the launch of your App or mobile website.

Do not be afraid to contact us by traditional means: telephone or social networks.

nearshore advantages

The ArkusNexus Advantage

We offer the best advantages of nearshore software development because we have almost 20 years of experience successfully serving American companies of all kinds. Proven experience in handling this technology and a team based approach to software development.

Dedicated scrum teams that offer autonomous and accountable partnership. Close communication during normal business hours and interact face to face with the teams assigned by the client.

Nearshore IOS and mobile app development, which allows additional advantages such as experienced work teams, multidisciplinary professionals and very moderate costs for the client.

nearshore software development

Advantages from a programming point of view.

Mobile development with scaling structure for mobile first products. The process is simpler and more affordable.

The web design and its content are adapted to all types of mobile devices, in general; although, some adjustments may be required.

Mobile web development can be reinforced with the advantages that artificial intelligence (AI) has already incorporated; An example of this are the very powerful analysis tools with real access to large databases. Also, the application of artificial intelligence has a wide spectrum on different industries where it can be used successfully.

Because we have the capacity and experienced professionals, we can add AI in your project's mobile web development. You can fully trust that we will do a 100% effective job according to your requirements. Please schedule an interview with us and we will gladly assist you. You will not have to pay to ask us your questions to guide you through this wonderful process.

Mobile Development allows you to work in two large fields such as mobile websites and mobile applications.

In both cases, companies can take advantage of the new behavior of consumers who use their smartphones to solve their needs. A crucial decision for a business owner, entrepreneur or CTO, CEO or CIO, is to start the development of their mobile website, which is not only adapted to different device screens, it also adapts to the resolution and resources of the device. In this way, a manager accelerates the growth of the company through technology.

Our main pillars of Mobile Web Development:

Scaling infrastructure for Mobile First.
A more efficient and affordable process

Nearshore Mobile Web Development Advantage
Experienced Multidisciplinary Professionals available for close communication during business hours to meet project requirements with cost savings advantages for complex projects.

Mobile QA Testing
Ability to focus on quality results, writing clean programming codes with timely deliveries and automated quality assurance testing.

Scrum Teams
Dedicated scrum teams that offer autonomous and accountable partnership.

Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Web Projects
Adding AI in mobile web development is a job that requires specialized professionals.

Companies and institutions should have no doubts that  mobile phone web development will have an ever greater impact on their activities; So, requesting a consultation now with us could make the difference for your company to be successful in this new market reality.



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