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Outsourcing Technology services have become the new standard in the software industry for product improvement or innovation with Apps, mobile websites and websites to incorporate the best cutting-edge tools. As a nearshore software development company, ArkusNexus is the best option to drive the growth of companies where software is the key to customer satisfaction with the support of experts in the creation of digital products.

There are compelling reasons for large companies to choose nearshore software outsourcing.

Three strong reasons to hire nearshore software development

Better professional
level for products

The high level of experts who provide nearshore development services, raise the joint talent for the development of new software to the highest level with competent personnel in various areas of specialty, reinforcing its local team with multidisciplinary talent to face the development of new applications.

Reach to all
business categories

New technologies accelerate the growth of all types of companies: Industrialists, manufacturers and distributors increasingly compete to adopt new technologies to meet the growth of the market.

Nearshore development has benefited sectors such as Banking, Insurance or Investments; Health services, institutions and government entities require technology for the efficient management of large volumes of information that a company like Arkusnexus can put in their hands.

Rapid product

The use of methodologies such as Agile and DevOps, allows us to provide an optimal time to develop new products, repower operation in applications or develop innovative software for exclusive purposes.

Using systems of work that are easily integrated with the client, Arkusnexus works as an extension of your local team, being just a click away during normal business hours and with offices in the U.S.

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Experience is our cover letter

The best way to motivate the first contact with clients has been with our experience, proven in the satisfaction of clients of all lines of business.

More than 17 years as a nearshore software development company serving the North American market, allow us to know in detail the profile of consumers and users of many products. For this reason, we have the confidence to undertake large projects with internationally renowned companies.

Based on continuous communication and training, we have consolidated the best work team with multidisciplinary, scalable talent that adds value to each project.

Your strategic choice

The nearshore software development outsourcing is the strategic alternative for North American IT companies that hire a firm located in Mexico with the advantages of working in perfect sync with their CTO, CEO or CIO executive.

The nearshore software development model offered by Arkusnexus is reinforced with its offices in San Diego and Irvine; but, in addition, in Mexico it has offices in Tijuana, Monterrey and Aguascalientes.

Arkusnexus has been a software development partner in successful technological innovation projects with a national scope to the entire North American market. Although some projects may be temporary, many of them become a long-term partnership because they become a strategic investment.

Nearshore advantages
wherever you look

Nearshore software development outsourcing offers advantages, many more than can be mentioned here; We will highlight some appreciable benefits of nearshore outsourcing development:

* No personnel training required: 0 time lost in training.
* Product expansion and scalability: We project the growth of your App.
* Achieve your project goals: Thanks to Agile and DevOps methodologies.
* Flexible talent for the workloads required by the software project.

The Agile methodology has allowed Arkusnexus to solve its projects with the full satisfaction of all participants: Clients, the client's technical team together with the team of developers of the nearshore project.

With Agile a software project can be developed with specific requirements and precise delivery goals; in each delivery you can see the progress of the product development.

These goals are achieved with the collaborative work system of a multidisciplinary team that allows compliance with early and continuous deliveries of the software.

There are more arguments in favor of Nearshore software development that your company can consider when choosing us as your technology services developer.

Nearshore: Your best strategic option
When comparing outsourcing services to determine which model is the best: Nearshore vs. Offshore, each has its own pros and cons; however, for North American companies, nearshore software outsourcing provides more benefits and greater legal security for hiring.

Immediately have a competent team
The most competent nearshore software developers, with mastery of various technology stacks and with proven experience, can be at the disposal of your technology business as soon as your CTO, CEO or CIO decides on the first interview with ArkusNexus. Don't wait any longer, contact us.

You don't need to stay up late to meet us
One of the Nearshore advantages that we offer is working the same hours. In addition, with ArkusNexus, meetings are not just video conferences, they can be face to face because we are on the border with Mexico and we have offices in the United States. Very important: All of our staff are naturally bilingual.

We know the North American user
because we share their culture
For a successful Nearshore outsourcing web development, in the UI / UX design stages, a thorough understanding of US user behavior is required. Our permanent work, for many years, with North American clients is the best reference.

Safely tackle high workloads
The nearshore software development model is scalable according to the moment the client faces with their digital product: Project development, tests, maintenance or emergency care, are attended and resolved without affecting the client's local work.

Let us become your technology business accelerator , we will be happy to answer any questions about your software development project, your company or your product launch plans.

We have strategic advantages to offer you and take the first step to a win-win strategic partnership; we have large scale case studies where our clients are our best cover letter. Do not hesitate to contact us:


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