March 3, 2021

What Is Mobile Development?

Anything that runs on a mobile operating system is touched by mobile development., let's take a look.

Let’s take a look at what mobile development is and review some of the major platforms involved.

We should start by defining what mobile development actually is. Mobile development is more than just developing phone applications. The scope of mobile development covers literally any type of development on mobile devices you could imagine. It encompasses developing apps to develop software for wearables. Anything that runs on a mobile operating system is touched by mobile development, if you want to learn more about the mobile philosophy you can read our article about it by clicking here.

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The Major Platforms


iOS is arguably the most popular mobile platform out right now. This is because iOS is the platform that made mobile development common. iOS also transformed the concept of a mobile device being a fully functioning operating system. Only Apple products operate on apple operating systems. However, many believe that more than just Apple products in the future.

Developers on iOS are provided with native tools and libraries of content from Apple to build new concepts and software for their products. Developers aren’t restricted to only using Apple’s development tools to build apps. But in order to build apple operating system software, you must run a mac OS operating system. 


Android is the other dominant operating system in the mobile development space. Android came about in the mid-2000’s and followed the release of apple software. Android has since gained a huge portion of market share, technically having the most users of any operating system. 

iOS vs. Android  

The difference between the two is distinct. Anyone is capable of building on an Android device, and the software can be run on almost any device. iOS can only run on and is designed to operate only on Apple products. Google provides native tools for android development, while Apple provides native tools for iOS development. 

what is mobile development


Software development can be challenging, and mobile development is a great place to get started. The barrier to entry is low and the complexities are less intimidating than traditional development. Our firm is filled with experts on both traditional and mobile development. 

By nature, the scope of a mobile development project is going to be smaller than a traditional app development scope. Mobile development will continue to scale in the years to come, and our perspective is that it should be a main driver of your ongoing development portfolio going forward. 

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