April 16, 2021

How Mobile nearshore software Improves business development

Learn how mobile nearshore software development has helped FIGO Pet Insurance to improve by implementing a great customer experience into its applications

Technology keeps bringing better and better solutions for different industries at a very fast rate, whenever your company is focused on B2B or B2C, the fact that mobile technology can and will improve your business development is almost common knowledge by now. Company employees and leadership expect to be able to work from wherever they are, be it their office, their home, the park, or a co-working space, they expect to be able to quickly access all the information needed to be able to make decisions on the go or even add new information to their reports. To learn more about the mobile philosophy and why it’s important click here.

Regular consumers also expect to have access to all their favorite things on mobile. Social media users, gaming enthusiasts, hikers, athletes, etc. all of them want to be able to track their progress or integrate their hobbies into some mobile application. So it’s no surprise that mobile has been a huge part of the tech industry for more than 10 years now.

mobile nearshore software development

Now, I want to talk a little bit about how mobile nearshore software development has helped FIGO Pet Insurance (The largest independent pet insurance provider in the US) to improve business development by implementing a great customer experience into their website and mobile application. The main components and value results from our ongoing collaboration with FIGO have been:

  • Stabilize the FIGO Website - focusing on bug fixes and reliability.
  • Fixed the back-end infrastructure processes to make them more efficient and reliable. 
  • Implemented new Features within the core FIGO Website, as this is still the entry point for most first-time Consumers.
  • Created an iOS Mobile Application and deployed it on the Apple Store.
  • Created an Android Application, which mimicked the iOS Mobile Application, and deployed it on the Android App Store.
  • Continued adding new Features and Functionality to both Mobile Applications.

The current effort is to migrate the existing website to an upgraded cloud infrastructure, which will allow the application to scale much easier, as well as enhance reliability and security. After 5 years on the current platform, it is time for a major upgrade in order for the system to keep up with the tremendous growth in FIGO’s business.

mobile nearshore software development

The full mobile nearshore software development experience

In order to make everything work smoothly it was essential to apply our Team extension acceleration driver, aligning our culture with FIGO’s (to learn more about how we integrate different company’s cultures to our teams click here), and creating a complete software team that focused 100% on them. The team started in 2015 with 5 core members and has developed in a way that by the end of the year 2020 the team had 22 members, having their very own scrum master, product owners, QA engineers and tech leaders. We believe having a software team dedicated 100% to your services is the way to go in order to improve your business overall.

The core features we worked with had to do with core website changes and improvements, creating and applying continuous feedback to the mobile applications and  even learning everything about diamond software, which is a cloud based insurance software application that handles back-end business processes for the industry. The Pet cloud Portal was also created, which is a space in which pet parents can access a wide variety of information about their pets and even connect with other pet parents and more really cool features.

The path to get everything done has had and continues to have very interesting challenges that vary from being very technical like learning and analyzing existing code or migrating production code to new frameworks to more business-like challenges like learning to work with a distributed team and how to define the right KPI’s.

If you want to take a deep dive into FIGO’s case study with ArkusNexus click here and we’ll happily share the complete document with you. There you can read about the specific challenges, how the team developed with time, specific technical advancements and examples of the results as well as a general conclusion of the whole experience as of today.

Case Study from Arkusnexus

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