May 21, 2021

Introduction to Mind Teams

Mind Teams is ArkusNexus' internal unit for talent development and professional growth, learn more about this important division here.

What is Mind Teams?

Mind Teams is ArkusNexus' internal unit for talent development and professional growth. It seeks to strengthen each of the members areas of opportunity, in order to meet different profiles required by the industry.

Mind Teams Objective

The main objective is the development of internal talent, both technical and managerial, applying the best software development practices used by the company. The second objective and training mechanism is the development of ArkusNexus intellectual property products, which are created with artificial intelligence components in mind.

software developer training

Training process

Leveling stage:

As mentioned in another article, we developed the Mind University unit, in this unit a diagnostic evaluation is applied for all new admission profiles. Based on the areas of opportunity found, training activities are assigned for a period of time, at this stage they work individually for the most part, as it tends to be very technical.

Entry stage:

At the end of the training at Mind University, the results obtained are presented and then we look for the team that better fits the candidate’s abilities within the Mind Teams projects division. There, they can continue developing their talent in a full software development team methodology.

Development stage:

The trainee continues to develop his/her technical skills within the assigned team, but mainly we seek to develop the following points.

  • Teamwork (SCRUM, Code Versioning)
  • Communication
  • Activity estimation
  • Metrics management (KPIs)
  • CI / CD

Closing stage:

During the project’s development, the mind teams coordinators determine which people already meet the characteristics expected by our clients and start with the assignment process. Then, we arrange Interviews with Operations to verify that they are full developed candidates and the assignment to their new team is scheduled.

training software developers

Client’s Benefits:

  • There is a better response capacity in meeting new vacancies, since we have a wide capacity of different profiles available, so projects can start sooner than expected.
  • They have the security that the members of the company know our processes and it is easy to start in a new team and adapt to the clients culture.
  • Highly trained professionals, Mind teams accelerates our technology innovation pillar by always keeping our developers up-to-date on new technologies and methodologies.
  • A pool of highly trained engineers brings a sense of positive competition between them, this keeps developers at their best, bringing high-quality candidates to client's teams.
  • Constant training is part of our Happy Engineering program, this division works as a team to push everybody to their best, creating a very positive moral overall, again, bringing not only technical talent to our client's teams, but also healthy minds and positive attitudes.
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Alvaro Muñoz
Alvaro is currently on mind teams (MT), acting as a talent manager, he likes to research and apply new technologies in software development, his favorite hobby is building electronic circuits.
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