April 20, 2021

How Nearshore Artificial Intelligence improves your tech capabilities

Nearshore artificial intelligence makes sure your tech advancements are future-proof. Learn about our AI division and the different ways machine learning can help.

There’s no question artificial intelligence has been a hot topic in every tech meeting you’ve been in the past couple of years, the reason behind it is that AI has been improving the tech world at a very fast rate, big data has scaled in previously unimaginable ways thanks to machine learning and AI, and we are seeing AI uses in places outside the regular tech space like marketing, real estate, sales, entertainment and more. And of course, software development has been improving a lot, and processes have been created and updated in order to adapt to AI.

Having an AI division is a must for every tech company out there, if you are outsourcing tech right now you should be certain that your tech partner is future-proof and one way to check this out is by asking about their artificial intelligence or machine learning department.

As you may know by now, in ArkusNexus we are committed to transforming nearshore software development from cost-saving contracts to strategic investment opportunities, and one of our main acceleration drivers in place to accomplish that is leveraging nearshore artificial intelligence solutions.

Thanks to nearshore artificial intelligence, it’s possible to have the ability to process large amounts of information. With artificial intelligence solutions we can find behavioral patterns of analyzed data to make use of it when a decision needs to be made and also be able to successfully predict events of all kinds: economic, meteorological, health, educational or scientific.

Machine learning and AI get better with time, the way these systems learn is by adding more and more data to them, with more time active, more data is fed to them, hence a better and more intelligent system is being created with every single input of data. For this reason experts recommend a long-term approach to investing in AI.

nearshore artificial intelligence

What can nearshore artificial intelligence do for you right now?

There are many solutions available and AI companies should be open to create different solutions that tackle all kinds of problems, but the most common uses right now are the following:

  • Custom Development of Artificial Intelligence modules.
  • Third party AI framework integrations to your systems.
  • Algorithm creation and support.
  • Re-training previous machine learning advances and fine tuning.
  • Exploratory data analysis and selection.

In order to fulfill those tasks and create new solutions, we utilize machine and deep learning algorithm enablement via supervised and unsupervised learning, being those the pillars of our nearshore artificial intelligence solutions.

If you want to learn about the different industries we can help, the deliverables we can give, AI specific tech stack our division uses and find more AI related articles, click here and you’ll be transferred to our AI solution page.

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