February 18, 2021

Software Development in USA - AI and the future

Let's take a quick look into machine learning and see how AI is having such a strong impact on software development in the US and the world.

The age of artificial intelligence is getting closer and with that, some worrying faces from software developers, while some think AI will be writing all the code for humanity by the year of 2040, others believe human touch will still be needed, and are preparing themselves with data management specialties, as AI will never (hopefully) replace the human touch in decision making.

According to Andrej Karpathy (Director of AI at Tesla), the software developer from tomorrow will be an expert in collecting, cleaning, manipulating, labeling and analyzing data that will then be fed to neural networks.

Let’s avoid jumping into 2040 where AI will be at it’s best according to tech experts, and see how AI will improve traditional software development in USA in the near future:

software development in the US AI



We have already talked about code refactoring in the past, it’s very important to simplify code in a way most developers can understand it, clean and simple code is always good but when the time to scale your software or operations comes, it becomes a necessity, AI is already able to do this cleaning and make it easier for developers to understand and don’t waste time figuring out what was the other programmer doing, a feature that I believe most people working in software development in USA and in the world is more than happy to have.

Speeding up Prototypes

Visual interfaces for web page development have been a thing for a while, now it is expected that highly technical software engineers will be able to create personalized user interfaces that will allow less-technical people prototype software applications in a quick way, with the help of machine learning these interfaces will be able to learn how the user interacts with them and create new functions by its own according to how the end user is interacting with the self-learning software.

Help of self writing code

The software development in USA work-force will now spend a lot more time reading their documentation and figuring out creative ways to solve problems, as they are able to feed a machine learning algorithm with coding practices and examples, worrying about actually typing the code that is in their head will not be necessary.

Automated analytic analysis and correction

It is expected that in the near future, once programmers deploy their product, they will be able to feed analytic reports to their code and let a machine learning algorithm analyze the data and make the corrections necessary to get better results according to what he wants and its goals and objectives.

Decision making developers

All the time saved by machine learning and AI will not be wasted by people working in software development in USA, with the help from AI, devs will now be able to dedicate more time to the complex decisions that have a direct business impact, while AI can be trained to always make the best decisions according to numbers, creating different ways to solving problems and choosing which way to go is something that a human should definitely still do, and at least for the near future, AI will provide enough information based on data for a human to make that decision, speeding a lot of processes up.

Software Development In The US


It’s very interesting to see how AI is having such a strong impact in software development in USA and the world, we still have a long way to go but just having an automated machine helping out making crucial decisions and adapting to how we use certain programs seems something straight out from a movie, but it’s not, AI is here to stay and it’s already impacting the tech world.

Here at ArkusNexus we are always looking to spearhead through the tech world and as expected, we already have an AI division looking into how we can make everything better for our programmers and our clients. Learn more about how we are impacting the industry with AI here.

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