May 14, 2021

A word about Full-Stack Software Development

Understanding what full-stack development means is essential to understand the products that ArkusNexus Software Development brings to the table.

I’d like to define what full-stack development is for us and how we handle it as a service. By definition, full-stack development means a complete development cycle for an application, we are talking about Front-end and Back-end solutions.

Front-end means developing the interface the final user is going to interact with, user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) design comes into play here, developers take the route that will better benefit our client’s by getting frameworks and workflows from experienced designers.

Back-end is all the work that is done in the “backstage” of the website or software application, such as databases and validation processes that the final user doesn’t really need to understand how it works. Usually this process starts right at the beginning when software architects start developing and imagining different solutions to your problems or areas of opportunities.

The first step to this is working on a wireframe, which is a valuable tool used in the design stage of a software application before starting its development. It consists of a visual model on how the content of the app will look and work at its final state. Some advantages of using the wireframe are:

  • Provides the customer with a close view of the final product.
  • It motivates the developer because he knows exactly what needs to be created.
  • Improves the agile methodology because it’s easy to backtrack when something went wrong.

Different sets of technologies and professionals are required to complete a full-stack development process successfully. This is why we work with what we call software development pods, which are teams that include professionals in every area required to fulfill a full-stack development project. Working with a software pod you don’t have to worry about finding specialized professionals by yourself as our teams include the full development process as their task.

We do understand the existence of full stack developers which are usually senior devs that understand a wide variety of software languages and can fulfill both front and back end necessities, but for these developers we like to set them as tech leads to focus more on the solutions and team development, it doesn’t always apply, but it’s something we look forward, learn more about our tech lead role here.

full stack software development

Something about Agile

Our software development teams work with an agile philosophy that focuses on delivering value to our customers.

Agile software development consists of allowing quick decision-making for the completion of the software application thanks to repetitive and incremental tests based on feedback. It implies collaborative work in multidisciplinary teams with self-organizing capacity. With each iteration the product keeps evolving until it is perfected so that it works without bugs or errors.

New features are also added at this agile rate, so identifying problems that any new feature may cause is a simple task of just backtracking until the problem isn’t present. These bugs are always encountered at a very fast rate as the software pod includes Quality Assurance Engineers that are able to identify these problems thanks to their QA automation techniques.

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Understanding what full-stack development means is essential to understand the products that ArkusNexus Software Development brings to the table. It’s one thing to understand how we do it (thanks to our mindset of following our acceleration drivers) but it’s also important to know how a final product from ArkusNexus will look. And that would be a fully developed application in whatever service you want it to be (Google play store, Apple’s App Store, Microsoft Store, or even private software applications that would only work on selected locations or devices).

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