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Why Software Products Need DevOps

The creation of a digital product such as an App, mobile web, website or software requires adjusting to the times set by demand and competition in the market. DevOps is a work culture in technology companies. Due to the participation of different teams for the creation, production and launch of a digital product, the work harmony of all the members is required to achieve an optimal product that responds to the needs of the user, stable and with the minimum of failures.


The name DevOps comes from the Development group that is responsible for creating the product code or programming; and the Operations group, who are in charge of putting the product into action and serving it. They merge into a great team where they interact and collaborate with each other, with high communication, so that the product can be created faster, duly tested and launched on the market at the right time.

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DevOps Services practices
At ArkusNexus we emphasize the importance of some of the best practices for working under DevOps methodologies; these are:

and Collaboration

With an adequate plan of continuous communication between the DevOps team and the client, it makes the work more aware of the expected goals in each task, the difficulties of the work and the collaboration that it can expect from its colleagues.

The communication tools we use are a fundamental part to facilitate interaction and the flow of information from one place to another.


When the software development team is continually creating or refreshing code with subsequent automated testing, operations or production people can count on a well-finished product at the right time and ready for operations.

We use test environments that hone development work; in this way, deliveries to Operations always have the quality level at its highest point.


When an App is running, we keep reviewing its performance all the time to anticipate any foreseeable problem situation. In this way failures and emergencies crises are avoided. For this monitoring we have tools and solutions in the cloud.

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Agile Methodology in DevOps

The Agile methodology predates the DevOps culture and has similar foundational aspects; However, both methodologies have subtle differences that are valued in the software industry.

While the objective in Agile is the speed of software development based on bringing the needs of the client closer to the development and testing people. DevOps focuses on bringing workers from development, testing, and operations closer together.In the Agile methodology, automation is used in constant testing and benefitting from continuous delivery and integration. DevOps starts from that same foundation: using automation, but extends further by fostering multidisciplinary work and close collaboration.

Two interesting aspects are in the feedback to improve the work: in Agile, it is given by the client; But, in DevOps, the feedback comes from the workgroup. In conclusion, Agile seeks fast delivery while DevOps seeks to offer a complete business solution and fast delivery.

Integration, Delivery
and Implementation
are continuous

Under the devops development methodology, we talk about continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous implementation; CI / CD is an automation process where integration meets distribution or implementation.

Full integration is achieved using scripts and templates; the time to make new code is minimized. The CI / CD tools used in this stage, allow to have a constant audit on the work flow.

Using these tools are important to:
- Reduce errors due to manual work in the creation stage.
- They allow to speed up the process by replacing manual interventions.
- Facilitate transparency as each step of the process is fully auditable

DevOps methodology on big data projects

The devops consulting services are highly recommended for companies with big data software projects; These projects cannot be worked in isolation as before: the Development team working separately from Operations, due to the large volume of data handled; Also, the required changes can take a long time.

For big data projects, the advantages of devops development methodology in software are very convenient: All the people involved in all stages, work as one communicating and interacting, making it a multifunctional team; improves the understanding of the project objective and increases the efficiency of everyone's work.

-More advantages of DevOps in big data projects:
- Optimize data for better quality
- Continuous testing and fewer errors
- Better software updates

The benefits of DevOps

The application of a DevOps methodology not only benefits the finished product which is of better quality and delivered quickly; the benefits of DevOps are felt by people too:

- More motivated workers by understanding what their contribution is in achieving the objective.
- Greater impact of labor synergy in the company: True teamwork is achieved.
- Higher level of awareness and commitment that results in a better and faster correction process.
- More flexible staff for innovation and collaboration.

The benefits of the DevOps methodology are multiplied for the company by obtaining a stable digital product, which satisfies the user and by having fewer malfunctions, more time can be spent on product growth and technological innovation.

We have much more to encourage you to consider the DevOps methodology for your software projects and products.
DevOps is not a fashionable issue, it is a work philosophy typical of the best technology companies that seek the quality of their products.

DevOps and Nearshore Software Development
Our Nearshore Software Development services with the DevOps methodology have been tested successfully for several years. Experience is not improvised, it is verified with facts.

The world of DevOps tools
We have the complete set of DevOps tools to apply those that are appropriate in your software project. Whether open source, cloud, free software or communication, we have the expert software engineer for every DevOps tool.

DevOps is continuous improvement
Constant interaction between members of a DevOps team keeps the focus on product improvements thanks to continuous monitoring minimizing failures.

DevOps listens to the customer
In the ever-changing world of technology, consumers are demanding more and more features from software products; One of the values of DevOps is customer satisfaction.

DevOps is fast and secure launches
Team integration drives speed to launch, with fewer internal returns, constant testing, and a safe, quality-verified product to market.

Allow yourself the opportunity to learn more about the DevOps services ArkusNexus can offer to ensure the success of your software product.

We have the tools and the expert staff to answer all your questions.
We will be happy to know about your company, your products, your projects and of course, also know your difficulties. Let us make you a reasonable help proposal that transforms costs into investment for your business.

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