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Arkusnexus was born in Tijuana on June 30, 2003 as a project of two recently graduated and local engineers. And although they started with a small space and only the essentials, their ideas and way of working very soon attracted more collaborators. In 2010 the MIND (Mexico’s Innovation and Development) building was founded, thought as an ecosystem that would be home for more companies dedicated to technology.

In 2013, MIND HUB was born as the first incubator of technology projects in the northwestern part of the country, which promoted initiatives such as Club Lia and Contarte and was closed in 2018 due to the accelerated growth of Arkus’s clients, collaborators and projects. 

Currently, the 4-story building with approximately 20 offices, 4 meeting rooms and various recreational spaces is the working home of approximately 200 collaborators. The Arkusnexus family is conformed by local and foreign engineers from all over Mexico, and includes foreigners from Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and the United States.

arkusnexus tijuana


Within the strategic planning exercises of 2017 there was already talk of the possibility of growing to a second office. After several investigations and conversations between administrative leaders, due to the amount of talent generated and for being one of the cities where the most industries converge, it was decided that the ideal place would be Monterrey.

Tijuana’s collaborators were invited to be part of this new project and in a short time the movement began. By November 2018 Arkusnexus Monterrey was being born with only 12 collaborators determined to grow this project. In February 2020 our second office reported a little more than 50 collaborators, granting us a growth of 400%+ in just 15 months.

Arkusnexus has dedicated special attention and efforts to standardize the processes, quality and culture in both offices, seeking that our colleagues from the other north of the country can feel happy and proud to be part of this great family.

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