April 21, 2021

Don’t work harder, work smarter at home with these 5 tips to improve productivity.

Tips and advice to better manage time. Learn here some tricks and recommendations to improve the way you distribute your time and your productivity.

It is expected that by 2025, 50% of employees will work remotely and 75% of workers will be in non-traditional work environments. Many times we asked ourselves, what will it be like to work in the future? Undoubtedly, traditional offices will be transformed by smart buildings that operate in the middle of a constellation of technologies, including AI, IoT, and Big Data, among others and that will radically change the way we work.

This panorama will surely accelerate with what we now live in the year 2021, where many collaborators work from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Our approach and philosophy are focused on the development of human-centered technologies. These are some recommendations to improve your productivity working at home:

1. Create daily to-do lists

One of the best strategies when working is to give as much time as possible to the tasks of higher value and urgency, not to focus on the activities with less impact since now prioritizing actions becomes essential to obtain maximum productivity. It is advisable to mark productivity in three or four actions, in such a way that it impacts your work and you can spend more time on the things you enjoy. Remember to use the urgent-important matrix.

2. Share information and build digital communication

For innovation in remote work, it is essential to share information to improve efficiency day by day. Having Cloud-based applications ensures better integration.

Collaborating effectively online is very beneficial for business leaders as well, who invest in project management tools to avoid endless email lists. By doing so, they can save a lot of time. With these tools, everyone can see what they are responsible for and what their deadlines are. For project management, we recommend Asana.

3. Focus on your goals in your working hours

Working hours change in times of crisis, but it is recommended to establish a schedule to perform all work activities. Mark and take times for certain actions that allow the expected productivity, it is recommended because if you comply with them, you will be able to better enjoy your earned rest time.

Blocking notifications has never been so in demand since digital technology should be a help rather than an obstacle, so it is advisable to control notifications to avoid any interruption. It is better to silence them and look at the cell phone only when necessary. 

work smarter from home

4. Develop your imagination, take notes and organize your free time

Being at home also causes inspiration to come at any time to create ideas, streamline methods, or change processes. Therefore, it is recommended that all ideas are immediately written down on your cell phone. Every day people have a more saturated agenda, organizing the calendar allows you to correctly view the time. Also, it is recommended to use colors for the most urgent and personal activities to achieve more successful flexibility.

5. Be careful with email

When working at home, it seems that email takes on more relevance since it sometimes makes us feel closer to colleagues or clients. However, they can interrupt you in the middle of the workflow, it is advisable to verify it only at established hours during the day, otherwise, your own productivity suffers.

By following these time-saving tricks, you maximize your workday, so you can enjoy a digital detox afterward, as your devices aren't the only things running out of power - you too. So don't forget to find time to relax and recharge your own personal batteries.

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