May 27, 2021

What does an Innovation Department do?

The innovation department in an organization is the place where ideas arise or where they can be consulted to be analyzed, learn more...

The Business World is never far behind when it comes to creating new departments and positions. The most recent is the "Head of the innovation department". However, on many occasions, the objective of this position is not very common, so here we will tell you what an innovation department does.

The innovation department in an organization is the place where ideas arise or where they can be consulted to be analyzed and, depending on the results, they are commercialized.

innovation department

So, what does an innovation department do?

Among the main functions that the innovation department must fulfill in an organization, are:

Research and forecast. 

Competitors, customers, employees, and the marketplace are providing multiple clues as to where a business needs to grow and improve. Innovation departments should be scanning the horizon for this information and using it to guide and align the overall innovation strategy with the overall business strategy.

Training in innovation.

When an organization invests in its employees, not only do they feel more valued and see growth, but it creates a shared language and an expectation that innovation is everyone's responsibility. So teach your staff how to brainstorm, how to recognize the good from the bad, and how to support other people's ideas.

Collect ideas. 

Ideas can come from all over the place, but everyone needs to know where to take a suggestion when they come up, otherwise, they will stay on a napkin or sheet on someone's desk.

Connect ideas. 

Of course, once you have those ideas, the real work begins. It is necessary to connect ideas with others so that they become broader concepts and improve.

As new projects are converted, what an innovation department does is select the best ones for further structuring, research, and testing. Then the best ideas must be connected to the resources and leadership that help launch new products, markets, processes, and more.


Everything we've just listed is something an innovation department does, just like fostering communication. You need to socialize the research so that everyone can take these new trends and information into account as they go about their work.

The main duty is to share best practices when they are working so that everyone can adopt them. In addition, they should share the “failures” so that others can learn from them and celebrate the work done on that discovery.

What else does an innovation department do? The department is also charged with acknowledging the contributions of all the stakeholders who made these things possible so that others see that the leadership is listening and that input from all parties is valued. If these things are communicated correctly, then everyone starts to see a culture of innovation develop in your organization.

innovation department

Importance of an innovation department

An innovation department facilitates the growth of your company. You may still be starting but I assure you that you can grow your business.

Executing properly will allow you to offer something unique to your customers. An innovative company takes popular products or services and makes them even better, highlighting its brand and increasing its revenue.

Customer needs are constantly changing. One day, they may need exactly what you have to offer, and the next day, they may need something else. The goal is to predict changes in the market and provide solutions before people realize they need them, hence the importance of market research.

You cannot meet customer needs in the long term unless you are willing to innovate. If you remain stagnant, your business will eventually fail.

Learning what an innovation department does will allow you to put it into practice. This way, your company will experience greater growth, stand out even more from the competition and solve customer needs in a way you never imagined.

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