March 19, 2021

User Experience Design

While they are different, both UX and UI do work together in the development of products and services. Learn more here.

UX is a contact the user of your software has in conjunction with a product or service.

UX design reflects every aspect that shapes this UX. UX is how it makes the user feel. And UX reflects how easy it is for the user of your software to accomplish what they need to do. Some examples of this are how the product feels or how smooth the online interface is for checking out with your groceries. The most important aspects of UX are to create an easy, effective and simple experience for the user.  

UX designers work to research the market, develop products and strategize to build a strong user experience. They are the liaison between the customer and the hardware being marketed, meeting the customer’s needs and expectations.

ux design

UI vs. UX

UX and UI are often used synonymously, and incorrectly. While they are used in conjunction, it is important from a professional standpoint to differentiate the two.

UX is primarily focused on the journey a user takes to solve their problems. UI’s primary focus is how the UX functions while using the product.

UI also refers to the actual interface being processed on the product. Some examples are the visuals, the buttons, the scrolling capabilities, etc. UI is more concerned with the interaction the user has with the product, such as the typography, color pallets and the animation.

While they are different, both UX and UI do work together in the development of products and services. The design of the software and the way it’s processed are impactful. UX is seen everywhere you could imagine from the layout of a doctor’s office to how it feels sitting in your car.

Go beyond the concept of UX/UI with this great article: What is UX and should my company care?

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Keith Goatley
Keith is currently Marketing Manager for ArkusNexus and believes in marketing that is customer centric, data driven, digital first, and purpose led.
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