March 8, 2021

The Future of Tech Will Be Driven By Women

As tech evolves and becomes a necessity, holistic and innovative approaches to creating useful applications must be driven by the genius of women as well.

Gender diversity is changing the evolution of our technology innovation. 

Traditionally, the technology space has been dominated by men. There are clear signs that this is changing and that it is critical to the success of technology use cases. As tech evolves and becomes a necessity in our lives, holistic and innovative approaches to creating useful applications must be driven by the genius of women as well.

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A recent survey of 1500 women in tech showed that more than ½ reported they had a linear path to new/better opportunities for career advancement. This is a positive sign in the world of technology and development, and that the tech hubs of the U.S. are evolving their views on gender equality in the office. 

Despite the positive news, we still need to continue to evolve and create new opportunities in DevOps, IT, STEM computing and other tech specialties. Areas such as people management and project management are important departments for Women currently. 

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In the technology sector, the compensation gap between Women and Men is actually smaller than other industries. Big tech has shown it is more than willing to close the pay gap between genders. 

It seems that the only way is up for rates of pay for female techies.

A Bright Path Ahead 

Now that the tech sector is aware and active in changing the disparities between opportunity and compensation, opportunities will finally become as bountiful for women as they are for men (in time). The value of women in the industry has been overlooked for decades at this point, which means technology hasn’t been nearly as innovative as it should be as a whole. We will continue to do our part to ensure we are diversifying, and leveraging the incredible talent of women and all people at ArkusNexus. 

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Keith Goatley
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