April 13, 2021

The culture of innovation in companies

Are you willing to change and get out of your comfort zone to innovate and achieve new goals? Learn about implementing the culture of innovation in your company.

For companies, the permanent search for innovation is essential to improve their processes and results. An essential requirement to achieve innovation is organizational creativity.

Creativity is part of the culture and values ​​of each organization and it will be the company directors who, with their actions, will promote this creativity, allowing every member of the staff to participate in the processes. On many occasions, it is the companies themselves and their managers who do not know how to use and take advantage of this very powerful tool.

A company that wants to survive in the long term in the market must set itself a fundamental objective: the promotion of creativity through coherent actions and techniques that reinforce its use at an individual and group level. Thus we understand creativity as a skill that can be trained and improved, and in this way we allow ourselves to recommend some techniques that will help us increase it and use it in the day-to-day life of our company.

innovation culture

1. Do you want to be creative and innovate? Answer this question before starting the creative process. Are you willing to change and get out of your comfort zone to innovate and achieve new goals?

2. Establish a time dedicated to innovation in the company, defining a creative process. In addition to time, it is also advisable to foster an environment conducive to innovation, a creative space that employees can use. A specific place and time in innovation help, both in creativity and productivity.

3. Do not repress your ideas or those of others. If you judge and reject ideas issued, you will get none of the employees to generate any. You have to write down all the ideas, they can be useful in the future even if now is not the right time to use them.

4. Recognize the achievements of the team. Communicate, provide feedback and consider the results obtained.

5. Reinforce the skills of each of the team members. Each of us has skills to exploit, knowing how to recognize the strengths of each team member and reinforce them will help us generate more valuable ideas.

6. Use techniques for creative development. Many techniques can help us provoke and accelerate the innovation process, such as the mind diagram technique or the 6 hats technique.

7. Constancy, tenacity, and patience. The results will not be immediate but they will come with work and perseverance.

The day-to-day pursuit of excellence in your company will show the best path for innovation and creativity, although you will have to take into account the variables that we have described for the process to be effective.

Do you use these techniques in your company? Do you favor creativity in your workplace?

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