March 25, 2021

Talent Growth and Development

Talent is the ability we have to perform a certain activity or task with skill and efficiency. Check out our talent growth and development methods.


One of the most important things a proper company does is manage it’s team well. This consists of hiring the right people, and then developing them appropriately as time goes on. 

At Arkusnexus we have 2 very important areas of development and growth for our talented staff. Mind Teams is used as an internal talent growth unit, and Mind University as a talent development unit for students or recent graduates.

But, what does talent mean?

Talent is the ability we have to perform a certain activity or task with skill and efficiency. When we talk about talent, we focus on that quality that stands out in a person to do something specific. The concept is related to intelligence and aptitude.

talent growth

Talent Types

  • Natural talent. This one is evident to the individual, and the person puts it into practice from the first moment that he/she is aware of it. It is something natural, and it does not require any effort to achieve it.
  • Hidden talent. This is a talent that the person has not yet perceived that he/she has it. At times, the individual may not be aware of this ability, and consider it to be a normal trait in others.
  • Potential talent. In this case the person knows that she possesses these abilities, but has not yet exploited them.

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How does Arkusnexus support the talent’s growth and development?

Identify talent

In order to identify talent, different strategies are carried out:

  • Performance feedback applied by team members.
  • Review of work performance metrics.
  • Execution of internal projects within Mind Teams.
  • Execution of boot camp programs within Mind University.

Promote intrinsic talent

Based on our talent definition, we can assert that talent is not always something palpable, in order to discover and enhance the talent of employees it is necessary to go beyond evaluating the results obtained in their work.

Analyzing their aptitudes and abilities is necessary, and those are not always reflected in the data sheets, but in the process they have carried out to achieve those results, discovering not only their abilities and skills, but also analyzing how they can help them perform better.

Talent and helpful people

In this point it’s very important to mention the main positions involved in talent development, starting with general management, operation leaders, technical leaders, organizational development, but they will need the help of people who work on a daily basis with the person in question, and if this is a person with more knowledge and experience, who evaluates their work, even better.

For this reason, it is very important to train company managers in talent development, whatever is their department or division, so that they understand the tools and become able to develop talent skills.


Even if we are able to find a certain talent of an employee, it will be of little use if they are not motivated enough to continue developing and giving their best. For this reason, a strategy must be developed to motivate employees, and guide them towards the development of their talent in a concrete way.

Talent retention

If we cannot ensure that the talent that we have captured and developed remains in the company, we will have done a job in vain, but even so we add great value to the professional careers of each of the ArkusNexus members.

If we manage to encourage the person enough so that they lose their interest in leaving (sometimes by adapting to the specific talent of the person), there is enough flexibility in the organization to do it, by making changes in the distribution of tasks, or even department switches, that way we aim to achieve greater motivation on the part of the employees, and to continue to enhance their intrinsic talent.

talent development


By valuing talent, our nearshore software development services increase the chances of success with each client; in this way we will have the best staff to face artificial intelligence challenges or jobs related to qa methodology.

Being able to execute the different talent development strategies gives us the opportunity to satisfy the needs of each individual in the company, it also allows us to create a balance between the individual objectives of the people and the organization, and finally, allows us to count with qualified and motivated collaborators to satisfy the development needs of our clients' products.

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Alvaro Muñoz
Alvaro is currently on mind teams (MT), acting as a talent manager, he likes to research and apply new technologies in software development, his favorite hobby is building electronic circuits.
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