February 4, 2021

Software development trends to watch in 2021

Development trends you can expect to see this year, being up to date is one of the reasons we are your go-to option in nearshore software development services.

After a difficult 2020 we hope for a strong year going forward. A few notable thought experts at our firm give us an idea of what we should see from a developer’s perspective. 

security software development

Data privacy in security

Our developers have found that data privacy and security to be of utmost importance lately. People want to know where their data is, who has it and what it’s being used for. The public wants to know if the appropriate handlers of data are being compliant and completely above board. GDPR has accelerated this thought process and we believe innovation in data privacy is something we can expect. 

chatbot nearshore software


Arkus experts believe that the art of using chatbots will evolve. Operating your business at all times is something every industry has been forced to adopt, and chatbots go hand in hand with that. Apps that place orders and go grocery shopping for you are being introduced. We believe chatbots will be a necessity for most businesses going forward and will assist them in customer experience along the way. 

agile nearshore software development

DevOps Solutions

We’ve reached a point where DevOps and the agile model has matured and are being implemented everywhere. DevOps is a critical part of product expansions, modernizing your processes and optimizing applications and it is the go-to for development solutions. This should force service providers and consultants to improve their value propositions to better serve clients.

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