November 22, 2022

SDSW 2022 Recap – "San Diego Is The Place To Be"

For four days and more than 1400 attendees, the San Diego Startup Week 2022 was held in San Diego, California.

For four days and more than 1400 attendees, the San Diego Startup Week 2022 was held in San Diego, California. This event results from cooperation between the startups making their way into the tech industry. 

The San Diego Startup Week is one of the most significant opportunities to learn about the industry's current state, stay at the forefront of existing technologies, and meet the brains behind the ideas that will shape the great companies of the coming decades. Arkusnexus could not miss the chance to be there.

The talks and conferences covered topics as diverse as Customer Track, Marketing, and Data Analysis, among others. One week's highlights revolved around the Pitch Competition, where Vistim Labs, a biotech startup from Salt Lake City, took first place on the podium.

Although the SDSW offers a space for all kinds of startups to meet, it is common for the most significant number of these new ventures to correspond to technology companies that find, in the event, an option to make themselves known to investors and the public.

One of the roles that Arkusnexus plays within the tech industry revolves around offering startups a considerable business boost and the opportunity to ally strategically with a partner that can help develop a successful MVP.

Dayra Gamiño, Lead Manager at Arkusnexus, had the opportunity to attend the SDSW as a representative of the sponsorship joined by Senior Devs and Tech leads to learn and share knowledge with the entrepreneurs. 

"The experience that Arkusnexus has acquired over the last 19 years allows us to recognize areas of opportunity that exist in some of the proposals that startups present to the table, and events such as SDSW are the perfect place to share our recommendations to these new entrepreneurs."

That is why Arkusnexus maintain an active presence in these annual events, using our brand to keep our footprint on US tech companies' radar. Only through innovation is it possible to accelerate the future of technology, and we love the idea of being there when that time comes.

The SDSW works as a thermometer that measures the state of the industry and allows a glimpse of future turns that companies will take in the coming years. The main reason for this event is to discover and expand the potential of these projects and MVPs, who had the chance to gain access to capital and resources to develop them deeper.

From the application of emerging technologies through the development of good business practices, attending SDSW is an unparalleled experience since it does not matter how many years or people a company has, there's always something to learn. So, hopefully, in 2023, we'll be witnesses to more innovative projects and ideas happening. Will yours be there?

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