March 12, 2021

Perks of being a Software Development company in San Diego

Get to know some perks that being a software development company in San Diego has brought to the table for us and how we've taken full advantage of them.

Our presence in San Diego has been impacting our business in a lot of positive ways since we started.

Get to know some of the perks that comes while doing software development in such a great city, and how we've adapted to post-covid times to keep these perks valuable:

software development company in san diego

Client relationships

One of the most important things that being a software development company in San Diego has brought to the table for us is a boost in our relationships with our clients, being able to be close to them has helped a lot in bringing different style of leaderships and culture into our software teams, one of our main goals while onboarding a new team is making sure that the team fully understands the clients culture and the way they do their job, even in COVID times in which meeting in person is not a possibility just by existing in San Diego we understand how the tech industry works in general and that helps us a lot in adapting to different companies and the way they work.

Of course, pre-covid we really enjoyed assisting at our client’s company events, meeting their offices and their people in person, going to sports events, dinner, etc. So that’s something that we are definitely missing but still, daily or weekly zoom calls with clients are very helpful to really grasp different cultures and ways to do work.

software development company in san diego

Tech Events

This is another perk that has been kind of missing in the all-digital era, because we try to have presence in every technology event, as a software development company in San Diego we feel like being part of those events and communities has helped us understand the local tech world and widen our knowledge in a lot of tech-specific topics. In the past we’ve been part of local communities like San Diego tech hub and San Diego Entrepreneurs Exchange, click the links to read very interesting interviews that we’ve had with their leaders.

Now, tech events have taken a full digital approach and of course we embrace that, while we miss meeting in person we are still joining different events and still trying to keep up with the latest technology trends that exist not just locally, but nation-wide. Not only that but we’ve also created our own tech events  to share as much knowledge as possible, we have one of our live webinars recorded in a podcast, if you are interested in how to pivot your tech company to success here’s something you don’t want to miss.

We are certainly not done with these types of events so keep an eye on our site, something could be very close.

Time-Zone benefits

Being at the same time-zone that most of our clients are is something we greatly appreciate and take full advantage of, even with the different time-zones in the US the difference is really not that much with our farther away clients and even-so, our teams adapt to work on the same working hours that our partners do. It’s very easy to be flexible with a 2-hour difference so we take advantage of that.

While our presence being a software development company in San Diego has a lot of perks, I don’t want to end this without talking about our Tijuana branch, which is 5 minutes away from the national border and you’ll find that most of the people working with us has a VISA which means visiting San Diego is never a problem for us. Again, COVID has had an impact on this but we are aware of this and being able to go to San Diego every other day is something we always look for when recruiting. When the new normal becomes visa-friendly it’s certain you’ll see a lot of people from our Tijuana branch going to San Diego to either meet with clients or just for fun.

software development in san diego

Sunny Beach Days

For this last point I will talk about something not completely business-wise, but still a really good and impactful perk that being a software development company in San Diego brings to the table.

Let’s take some data from healthline: “Sunlight and darkness trigger the release of hormones in your brain. Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain's release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused.”

Now, we know that focus is a huge part of being a software developer, so we gladly take that serotonin that comes with sunlight with open arms and take advantage of it, we always talk about happy engineering and happy developers is definitely an important part of that, I know this is subjective but I’m sure even not the biggest fans of the beach (*cough* like our marketing manager Keith) will be able to tell you that a beach day comes with relaxation that you hardly get anywhere else. It’s important to always take advantages that will benefit your work or business and this is the reason this one is included in our list.

Thank you for taking your time and reading about the perks that come from being a software development company in San Diego, as always, feel free to reach out and ask anything you want to know about being a partner with ArkusNexus.

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