February 10, 2021

Importance of Automation in DevOps Toolchain

Automation in your DevOps toolchain allows for faster development and mitigates risk as well. ArkusNexus uses automation to accelerate technology innovation.

DevOps automation simplifies how we develop new applications and software, how it is disseminated and even managed. Automation in your devops toolchain allows for faster development, and mitigates risk as well. The 2020 pandemic has created a sense of urgency in using devops automation in the near term. 

DevOps toolchain challenges

COVID-19 and the effect on business units revealed the inability to leverage automation in the devops toolchain. 

Some challenges include security risks, silos within business units, inefficiencies, poor collaboration, compliance and regulatory risks, and the resulting impact on the business. Because of these clear issues automation has become a key implementation across many industries. Risk of affecting the pipeline is a concern for businesses, but automation ultimately increases efficiency. 

devops toolchain challenges

Solving these challenges

ArkusNexus uses automation in DevOps toolchain and AI to accelerate technology innovation, create efficiencies in development and manage software applications. Automation also mitigates risk to business units and catalyzes change. Artificial intelligence (AI) can accelerate this innovation further by making every delivery process more intelligent.

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Keith Goatley
Keith is currently Marketing Manager for ArkusNexus and believes in marketing that is customer centric, data driven, digital first, and purpose led.
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