March 8, 2021

Culture’s Impact in our ArkusNexus brand

These factors have allowed us to obtain valuable information to determine in which part of the development process of our teams and our collaborators we stand.

When we talk about culture, we mean everything that is part of and characterizes our organization, such as values, traditions, habits, customs and collective methods that are easy to identify in any company.

These elements of culture are found in every organization, however, not all of them undergo a thorough measurement to understand the Engagement and ownership of its employees.

At Arkusnexus we have applied this study for 6 years through the international firm Great Place To Work (GPTW), in which we have obtained very valuable information that has allowed us to carry out key actions for our organization’s development, beyond the certification itself.

With the 5 main areas that make up the GPTW study: credibility, respect, impartiality, pride and companionship, we ask our collaborators in a free and anonymous way, their opinion to qualify their experience as part of the family.

The results of these 6 years allow us to see a trend towards improvement, including this past year (2020) by entering in the 90's rank percentage. It definitely is something that we celebrate, but the work does not end there, because we know that we need to maintain our strengths and continue to refine the detected areas of opportunity that are key to developing specific actions. Simply put: continuous improvement.

This continuous improvement of which we speak not only has an impact within the organization, because by generating engagement and belonging among family members, we also generate better deliverables that provide greater satisfaction to our internal and external clients. Making it our differentiator and also giving us great brand awareness.

Now, we already know that we measure our culture through mechanisms like the GPTW survey and audits, but how does this impact our brand? 

Through our Brand Breakthrough process, we focus our efforts on monitoring the acceleration process of our collaborators, incorporating personal monitoring metrics such as: 

  • Continuous Education
  • Personal Advancement and improvement.
  • Happy Engineering

These factors (that were incorporated during 2020 and aiming to strengthen our brand from within) have allowed us to obtain valuable information to determine in which part of the development process of our teams and our collaborators we stand, especially to design underpinning, development and compliance actions.

2021 is a year of many challenges within this process (that we started developing from our DNA) that can be measured from a personal performance feedback, through individual, group, collective results (KPI's) and finally our impact on the level of client satisfaction.

We’re talking about a process in which everyone who is part of it has the opportunity to advance and maintain a synergy of continuous improvement as a win-win for all its integral parts.

Definitely a lot of interesting things are happening right now and there are still many more to come for those of us who are part of this great Arkusnexus family. 

Learn about what ArkusNexus can do for your firm.

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Fausto Castorena
Fausto is part of the People Care team (HR). He loves spending time with his family (wife and daughters) and with his second family too! which is ArkusNexus, Basketball is his passion.
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