February 3, 2021

Creating Communities to Strengthen your Company's Culture

Communities within coworkers in software companies help to establish strong cultural values like mutual trust, genuine companionship, and high-performance teams.

Being a part of something bigger than yourself

I was lucky enough to join the arkusnexus team in the pre-pandemic times and live the culture among our coworkers, in my first year I participated in a soccer tournament, a basketball tourney, had a bonfire in the beach, solved puzzles in various escape rooms, and even organized my first couple of esports tournaments. On my first day I took a tour to the huge 4-floor building filled with software engineers and they were all very welcoming, they introduced themselves one by one and even cracked some jokes when finished, honestly as soon as that day I started feeling the term “happy engineering”, a term you’ll learn more about in other blog posts, so keep tuned!

This warm welcoming was only the start to my great experience working in a nearshore software development company, it was kind of weird having breakfast and lunch with all of these new faces and still getting the feel that I was at home. A couple of weeks passed and I found that there’s a couple of different communities within our building, we have a book club, a board game club, there’s a flag football team, pool competitions, ping pong tournaments, people playing video games at lunch time, just a great time overall.

This is when I first started to understand what genuine companionship means and how it boosts teams into being a truly high-performance entity, when you are happy, enjoy spending time with your coworkers and they become your friends you develop this untouchable capacity of being at your best all the time, when you truly care about the person at your side you want him/her to succeed as much as you want to succeed yourself and when everybody cares about each other’s work the end product becomes something great. This makes arkusnexus a very special agile nearshore software development firm.

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New ways to bond

I noticed that the hot game for the whole building at the time was the latest title from the highly acclaimed series by Masahiro Sakurai, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I remember thinking that I’m in luck because I really enjoy playing that title, and as the geek that I am, what better way to make friends than bonding over a video game. So I started playing with multiple of our nearshore software development teams and just having a good time.

While we had a lot of sports related tournaments I felt like we could use a little sprinkle of e-sports, so I asked for permission, organized the whole thing  and in a couple of weeks we had our first official super smash bros tournament with 20+ attendees. This was a great experience and people had a great time, it was a Friday and I remember it being like 8pm and there’s people having snacks, drinks and not just playing but also spectating some of the best smash bros players in the building fighting for glory.

By now I experienced a lot of the cultural strengths that live in the arkusnexus facilities, I wouldn't think that it would be easy to get together 6 different Nintendo switch’s and monitors running but everybody was so happy to help that it made my whole experience felt like a breeze, and of course I’m paying by doing more of these. At the end we managed to have our “staff” for every tournament and were able to successfully have 3 of these tournaments until Corona hit. At some point the staff organized a late night pizza and games kind of reunion and we all had a blast, not only playing but when you put engineers in one room eventually the tech talk will start, and it did not fail to be.

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Remote software development challenges and conclusion

In this example I talked about organizing activities for our team, but I can firmly say that this support is received for whatever task any coworker here is doing. I saw developers helping each other on a daily basis, discussing tech stacks at breakfast, and even competing about doing tech work. If there’s something that pushes the human to the limit is a good amount of healthy competition, and you will find it here.

Also, I want to give a shout out to the arkusnexus culture team as they have been incredible during these remote work times, of course things are going to be different now that we are working from home and conserving the culture is definitely a huge challenge but it’s safe to say that the culture is still present in every single meeting and e-event we have, they have done an incredible work keeping the culture alive by doing multiple activities that we can all participate from the comfort of our home, they even organized a drive-through Halloween experience and I’ve been in the biggest zoom conference ever just filled with coworkers and leaders. Kudos to the team for keeping up with the times and tackling those challenges.

Next time you are looking for a high-performance nearshore development outsourcing team, make sure to look for values such as mutual trust and genuine companionship, as it has been demonstrated that these types of teams produce unmatched high quality products. If software development is one of your needs don’t hesitate to contact us here, we’re an experienced software development nearshore firm in Mexico and we’re always waiting for the next challenge, looking for different ways to improve ourselves and our products.

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