May 13, 2021

5 Activities you can do Remotely with your Software Development Teams

I want to share some activities to keep in contact with your software development teams even if you work remotely, and don't lose that human touch.

Working remotely has been a necessity for many companies around the world and as a software development company, we had think we adapted pretty well. A lot of companies have decided to continue doing so, I want to share with you some activities to keep in contact with your collaborators.

With these activities, you can develop integration activities that make your employees feel motivated, in addition, these strategies help to break the routine of doing the same activities without changing the space. At ArkusNexus software development we care about the Quality of Life of our collaborators, that is why we share 5 activities that you can carry out remotely with your employees.

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1. Non-work video call meetings

COVID-19 has forced us to change the meetings in the office for video calls; however, you can take advantage of technology for more than just work. Organize a recreational afternoon where the only rule of video calling is not to talk about work.

This will allow your employees to continue to feel part of the team, stay motivated, share how they feel, how they are dealing with the contingency, and distract themselves from the routine of staying home all day.

remote software development

2. Distance reading or cinema groups

Another way to help your employees stay motivated and their productivity is not affected by the confinement and daily life is to set up reading groups or movies. You can let your collaborators propose a list of books, series or movies and organize video calls or chats in which they can express their comments on the subject.

Discussing and listening to different perspectives will help distract them while fostering togetherness and camaraderie inside the software development company.

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3. Individual conversations

Take a moment of the day to call or write to your collaborators individually, ask them how they feel, if they have had any problems working from home or any suggestions in ways of working or activities that could help maintain happiness and optimism in the daily work.

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4. Integration activities to get to know each other better

COVID-19 can represent an opportunity to test new dynamics in your company. Organize small trivia for your employees and allow them to get to know each other a little more. You can propose that each employee share their favorite playlist or talk about a hobby they do outside of their working hours. Knowing yourself better will strengthen the sense of belonging and togetherness. 

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5. Remote exercise

One of the big cons of staying home is a lack of physical activity. Although it does not happen only at home, employees do not usually take breaks to do some stretching or walk a bit. For this reason, you can designate a fixed daily schedule or certain days of the week for each of them to carry out some type of activity. If you have the ability to hire a coach or share a workout video, go for it! Your employees will appreciate it. 

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There is a large community of gamers here in ArkusNexus software development company and that is why we have created MIND Games, an internal group of collaborators that plan and execute online tournaments for different video games such as Rocket League, Smash Bros Ultimate, just to mention some.

This engages our collaborators to participate in a team and have a great time. We use Discord, a communication software that allows us to chat together when we are playing video games.

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