April 28, 2021

4 apps to improve your productivity and organize your life

We want to share a list of tools that will help you organize, simplify and be more efficient in your work.

The world is obsessed with time and productivity, we are constantly looking for ways to get things done faster and with less effort, improve our time management skills, and lead more productive and satisfying lives. Fortunately, technology offers a number of applications that make life easier and allow more work to be done in less time. We have made a selection of 4 apps that will make you more efficient when working.


Zapier allows its users to create integrations and automations between apps that do not normally communicate with each other. For example, if you receive an email in Gmail, you can configure it to automatically save any attachment to a Dropbox folder and send an alert through Slack.

The integrations and automations require no coding and work with over 1,000 tools and applications to create custom workflows. Plans vary in price depending on the features you need.

google keep

This tool has been designed to create quick notes, ideal for those unexpected ideas that come up at any time or to write down new passwords so they will not be forgotten. It has a number of benefits such as adding hashtags, dictating notes on the fly, sorting notes by color, adding scanned text, and sharing them with other users.


Asana is a tool that allows you to manage the workflow (tasks and projects) offering the details of the beginning and completion of each of these, as well as connecting the entire work team, allowing communication, organization and planning to carry out a successful conclusion the projects in question.

Asana is used to manage in a centralized and organized way all the tasks and / or activities to be carried out in a project, through it it is possible to form work teams, with which the planning of each of the tasks will be shared that they must bring to a happy end to meet the desired objectives.


To be more productive, it is also necessary to plan a moment of rest and this digital platform is ideal, because it provides sessions of guided meditation and mindfulness training with cartoons, videos and audio. The application helps you to calm your stress to have inner peace, all you need is your phone and some headphones. You can meditate before bed or on the go.

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