April 16, 2021

3 Uses that you give to Artificial Intelligence (AI) that maybe you did not know

Here are three examples of artificial intelligence that you use in your daily life, take note.

When we hear about artificial intelligence, we generally imagine that it is something distant, alien, that only exists in the large technological cities of developed countries. Well, artificial intelligence may be developed mainly in countries far from ours, but it is already among us, it is a reality.

Here are three examples of artificial intelligence that you use in your daily life. Take note:

artificial intelligence

1.- Street guide, maps, and voice assistants

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in navigation systems. Collect data in real-time to be able to offer you traffic reports and help drivers to reach their destination in the simplest way.

artificial intelligence

2.- Social networks

Does it seem a coincidence that your favorite social network always shows you the content you like? Social networks collect information about the content you prefer to consume and then generate recommendations so that this content continues to appear in your newsfeed so that you come back more often and spend more time on them. As it does? With artificial intelligence.

artificial intelligence

3.- Videogames

In a soccer game, for example, you have wondered how “playing against the computer” can be so challenging. Through artificial intelligence, video games collect information on real football events for example (movements, reactions, etc.) and translate them into their algorithm. They also collect information about the play styles of people like you and also catalog it so that their AI knows how to deal with you. Don't be surprised to find a powerful rival on the computer.

Are you interested in learning more about artificial intelligence? Here are some links to help you:

Microsoft Professional Program for AI: For aspiring AI engineers. Provides real-world skills and experiences with hands-on labs and expert instructors. 
Learn with Google AI. It is an initiative of Google to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to anyone interested. You can filter the contents if you are a student, software engineer, data expert, or just curious about the subject.

If you want to learn how AI can help your business, visit our specialized AI page and get in touch if you have any specific question.

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