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Automated QA Testing can take many forms. In every case you are going to use some form of a Testing Tool or Suite to first program your test and then run the test against it. Some of this work is traditionally done by Software Developers to test discrete components, while other automated testing of the full application is performed by QA Engineers.

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User Acceptance Testing in Quality Assurance

UA entails more than just ensuring the quality of your products, proper user acceptance testing goes beyond asking business stakeholders to explore the application.

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What is QA? - An Introduction to Quality Assurance

On this blog, we talk about what is QA or Quality Assurance and how you can apply it to products or services.

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Software Quality Assurance and why you need to know it

Software Quality Assurance is a set of systematic activities that ensure that the software and product process conform to requirements, standards, and procedures.

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IT company in the US