Why we are different

Throughout our 17+ years designing, building, testing and maintaining software applications for hundreds of clients we have collected numerous learnings that are incorporated into our everyday engineering practices, management rituals and work culture.

Business Driven Engineering

Digging deep into the client's business context is key to prioritize the needs that emerge from the business. In that sense, engineering teams are focused on roadmap modules that have the higher commercialization capacity first.

Top Tier Collaboration

One of the challenges with the traditional outsourcing model is geographic distance, however Arkus’ TTC model allows frequent onsite meetings, daily collaboration in the same time zone. In fact, Arkus engineers visit southern california clients every two weeks on average, for on-site sprint planning/retros, demos, team bonding, town hall meets and grabbing drinks with their peers.

Real Agile Management Teams

As per standard agile practices, Arkus’ teams build and manage projects in an iterative fashion, with a strong two-week deliverables (to production) focus. The standard setup of an Aruks engineering team includes Product Owner, Scrum Master, Techlead, developers and QA (all FTEs), this facilitates a strict adherence to agile, as all of the functional roles focus on delivering incremental portions of a product as a team and not individually.

KPI Driven Performance

By focusing on analyzing the engineering team’s velocity, bugs and delivery capacity data we are able to maintain a consistent performance level This services the team self assess and correct but it is also helpful for a more accurate performance prediction.

Bullet Proof Quality

QA engineers ensure the Arkus development cycle includes implementation of quality assurance and validation best practices. By designing specific testing plans (executed throughout different phases of development), engineering team’s take ownership of their quality by leveraging automation testing, unit testing, integration testing, feature testing and regression testing, depending on the complexity of their products.

Highly Resourceful Tech Talent

Arkus’ multi-step hiring process provides initial filtering of engineer skill sets, seniority and abilities. Once hired, engineers are assigned to an internal R/D unit to validate hands-on / first-hand strengths and weaknesses and form an individual key tech knowledge matrix. After an initial 1 to 3 month period, engineers are evaluated to guarantee Arkus’ tech skill set standards are met to then move-on to client facing projects.

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