January 16, 2021

The User Experience: The key to having satisfied customers

How User Experience Design helps both in the creation of new websites or mobile applications or also to improve the efficiency of your current business website.

Most companies have concern about knowing the satisfaction of customers with the product or service they offer. In traditional Marketing, this led to the creation of post-sale service, as a way to maintain a link with the customer and to be able to know their shopping experience and the experience with the product or service. Market research focused on current customers to measure the User Experience (UX) will greatly help to improve things such as: customer service, product design and functions, and after-sales services.

In Digital Marketing, the products are not only physical, since the company's website or its mobile application becomes part of the total product; in this way, the User Experience Designer is the person who must seek the best customer experience when interacting with the digital product.

The user experience design is no longer as complicated as designing market studies and using pollsters to facilitate the customer to express their opinions and their level of satisfaction. This is due to the fact that today it is much easier for the customer to comment or criticize a product or service, using the same company website or any social network. Currently, it is very important that companies are more careful, so that the customer is satisfied at any stage of the purchase process.

Some examples of a bad user experience on a website

Today the digital product is very present in the lives of consumers, whether in the form of a website, an app on their smartphone or a software program; and there are ux design principles that help avoid bad experiences.

We are going to mention some elements that can create a bad user experience according to the results of studies on the subject:

Things that can lead to a bad user experience ...

  • Web pages with too many texts or images.
  • Require a lot of information from the user or ask a lot of questions.
  • Badly organized or missing information
  • Lack of a help button with simple explanations.
  • A page that takes a long time to load: it takes less than 20 seconds to wait for a user to flee the site and look for another provider.
  • Almost 90% of those users with a bad experience will not return.
  • A lower quality mobile version than the website: 85% of users expect the mobile version to be equal to or better than the website.

There are more research results, by ux design services, that identify another area that affects UX, but which also has its complexity: The user interface (UI). There are two key takeaways:

  • 75% of the credibility of a website is based on the aesthetics or general appearance of the site.
  • 94% of users' first impressions are related to the design of the site.

With this evidence in view, regardless of whether it is a traditional or digital business, large or small, senior management must take care of monitoring how its UX is working; For this, you can count on a ux design company which can get the best ux design depending on the business category.

user experience nearshore

What is ux design

We want to highlight the importance and impact of the user experience in the digital product and how the user experience design can drive sales and the success of other metrics of a website such as visits, clicks, conversions and more.

The user experience is defined as all user interactions in the visit or purchase process on a website or mobile application. User satisfaction with this process will determine success.

When it comes to a website or an app, the user experience design is responsible for allowing easy navigation through the site, increasing the efficiency of the website / app and generating positive feelings and satisfaction in the user.

The ux design process steps

As it is a relatively new task in the digital world, there is no single or standardized process for user experience design; however, our ux design agency has accumulated enough experience to ensure that our methods have been proven successful  for many different companies.

Our method begins by fully identifying the end user of the product (website, app or software). Thanks to our Research & Development service, we make sure we understand what the end consumer wants and what he doesn’t like; then we make everything easy when the website / app interacts with the user. We see the User Experience as user centered digital experiences to engage your end-users.

UX UI development

When should you worry about the UX on your website?

As a business owner, entrepreneur, CTO, CEO or CIO, UX is important from the conception of the digital product, that is, for new products; During the design of the market plan, when defining the target, it is already possible to start with the user experience design.

Remember that the user interface (UI) has its own concerns such as providing a good navigation system, graphic design that works, clear and readable content (fonts, colors, titles, subtitles, images). Of course, our ux design services staff are competent and up-to-date on UI trends to successfully integrate both parts of the project: UX and UI.

If your case is an existing website, you should also be concerned about UX. If things like these happen: falling sales, number of unsatisfactory visits, low conversion, high complaints and unfavorable comments; it is time to make the right decision to start a study of your current User Experience; This will allow you to know the causes of these results, their weaknesses and introduce the necessary improvements to relaunch your website.

We have good news for those who want to innovate the user experience (UX) of their website: Now they can apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take UX to the highest level; It can be said that both: UX and AI, seek to recognize how user behavior is like in order to be one step ahead - predict - what the user wants when browsing the website. Using AI, it will be possible to know what the customer's requirements are in a simpler and faster way.

We hope that with our simple explanation in this blog post, you feel that you already know the importance of User Experience for the success of your business.

We’d love to hear how we can partner with you to advance your tech capabilities.

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Keith Goatley
Keith is currently Marketing Manager for ArkusNexus and believes in marketing that is customer centric, data driven, digital first, and purpose led.
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