June 18, 2021

The 3 Key Elements of User Experience

UX is defined as the set of elements related to the interaction process of a user with respect to a product or service, learn 3 key elements to obtain a great UX.

In recent years, the user experience has become a key concept in marketing in the digital environment. But despite this, it continues to generate many doubts, since it is a very broad concept and is often confused with other related ones, such as usability. Let's see what it is about and what elements it includes. 

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What is the user experience?

User experience also referred as UX, is defined as the set of factors and elements related to the interaction process of a user with respect to a product or service. This concept is often applied to interaction with web pages and applications. As you can imagine, many different elements fall within the umbrella of the user experience, since there are many factors that influence the way we perceive products and services and relate to them.

In the same way, it must be known that the user experience is not universal, since users react in different ways in different situations, and also, in the case of digital content, they will consume it from different devices.

A design that works perfectly in one case can have the opposite effect on another user. We can focus the user experience to stimulate certain behaviors or reactions, but we can never predict exactly what users will do. Therefore, a very important element of the UX is the A / B tests.

Another important aspect that we have to be clear about is that usability and user experience are not the same, although in some cases we can see them used as synonyms. As we will see in the next section, usability is one more element of a user experience. It is not possible to have a good user experience without good usability, but it can be the case that a product has a good usability and instead the overall user experience is poor.

user experience

3 key elements of the user experience


As the name suggests, is the ease of use of a product, service, or digital content. We have to find that they are intuitive and that they do not cause confusion among users when using them. Within usability there are objective aspects, such as efficiency or effectiveness, but also a subjective dimension, related to individual perception.


Within the world of UX, design does not only refer to the visual aspect of a page. Other aspects such as information architecture or adaptation to mobile devices would also enter here, all with the aim of facilitating fluid navigation and a satisfactory interaction experience.


Not all users have the same characteristics and capabilities, and this is essential when determining how they relate to a website, a product or a service. A user experience cannot be considered good if it leaves out part of the population, therefore, the user experience must consider aspects such as adaptation for people with visual or hearing difficulties.

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