September 9, 2020

Key features coming for devs iOS 14

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We sat down with Anayara Arias, our iOS software developer expert and Savid Salazar, which is our expert Android developer to discuss the top features 

It’s September, which means the launch of Apple’s iOS 14 is almost here. The revamped version of Apple’s iOS operating system takes a big step forward in privacy, home screen customizations are introduced, widgets are enhanced, and more is to come.

A new home screen 

The home screen will finally have some variety. This will enable you to remove apps from the home screens of your choice and eliminate screens when needed. 

All apps will be in a new library on a page that sits beyond the home screen. 

The App library automatically groups all of the apps together into folders that show recently used apps inside. You’re able to search for apps as well at the top of the screen, and see suggestions and recently used apps in the upper-right box. 

This is an easy way to clean up the iPhone home screen without losing any access to files or data. This is the most significant change we’ve seen in quite some time in the category.

New Widgets 

While widgets have been available for some time in iOS, they have only been seen in a vertical list on the Today screen. 

With iOS 14, the widgets experience is new and improved. Widgets can be new sizes and can be dragged directly on the home screen. A single “Smart Stack” will let you swipe through your most commonly used widgets. 

Siri Interface 

Siri will no longer take over the entire screen when used. In iOS 14, when Siri is triggered, it will only show a small “blob” at the bottom of the display. Most results will show as rich notifications at the top of the screen.


This was once only available on iPad. Picture-in-Picture mode is coming to iOS 14. When watching a video or talking on FaceTime, you will be able to swipe to the home screen and the video or call will continue.

Messages Updates 

Arguably the most important mobile app in Apple’s entire interface will be receiving a major overhaul

You will be able to pin conversations in order to keep them at the top of the Messages stack. This will be helpful to those who have many threads going at once.

Maps Improvements 

The new maps app will be able to help you find places to visit in major cities with a new “Guides” feature. Apple will be working with major third-party travel companies to provide guides to new landmarks, restaurants, hotels and other neat activities.

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