March 24, 2021

The DevOps Methodology - Principles and functions

Have you ever wondered what does it mean when someone mentions DevOps? Learn the main principles and functions of the DevOps methodology here.

There are few things in Agile as easy to define and as difficult to accomplish as the DevOps methodology. DevOps comes from the English words development and operations. The function of DevOps is to reconcile the work of the development area with the operational functions of a project.

The factors that we handle in the DevOps methodology

Any DevOps process must focus on 3 factors that can sometimes have communication problems, different points of view, or be in very different phases of work.

Developers: Focused on the creation and implementation of computer systems based on programming languages.

Operations: People in charge of production processes, hardware development, etc.

Quality control: A third group that is in charge of testing products and making decisions.

DevOps must reconcile the work of these three departments in pursuit of common goals.

devops methodology

How DevOps works in a company and its objectives

A company that implements a DevOps process in its daily activity will seek two main objectives: to reconcile its programming, operations, and quality control teams, and also to establish effective channels to launch functional products on a continuous basis.

By promoting the perpetual delivery of software, we foster development-operations relationships, creating joint projects that break the isolation that can be created between these two work teams. Another advantage is that, as in the Lean for Start-Up processes, we are continuously launching improvements and new functions that optimize our products.

devops methodology

DevOps, Agile and Lean, some differences and concepts

DevOps is part of the Agile vision of a company. You could say that DevOps is one more tool in a broad Agility concept.

However, the difference between Lean and DevOps is clear. Both methods are based on continuous delivery technology models, although the main difference is that DevOps would also focus on reconciling departments made up of people, while Lean is oriented to facilitate the flow of any process that a team executes.

The DevOps methodology is very present in many companies, even outside the technological field, at ArkusNexus we help you implement common work processes between departments and communication efficiency methods so that your company can carry out as many projects as you want.

At ArkusNexus, we offer you an experience tailored to your real needs for change and adaptation, with Agile as your travel companion in your Digital Transformation. For any other information or service, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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