March 12, 2021

How do you know if you need to hire more staff? A word about Team Extension

If you run a company and you don't know when you need a team extension; we encourage you to read the following insights to make a good decision.

As the head of a company and regardless of what you produce; you must take into account the number of employees that you are in charge of; how much they work and if they are producing enough. But how do you know if you need to hire more staff? Today, you will find out and learn about team extension.

Some bosses or employers think that having fewer employees will save them money; but the reality is that the more employees you have in charge, the more they will produce. Your time and employees time has a higher value than you probably have in mind.

It is not an option that you carry out all the activities of the company just to save you money, your time is worth a lot. Delegating tasks to new staff will bring many benefits for you and your company and this is when Team Extension comes in hand.

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Benefits of Team Extension (Aka Hiring Employees)

Believe it or not, increasing the staff has several advantages that could favor the growth of your company; here, I will show you some of them:

  • It will avoid future annoyances in your employees; since you will avoid that they feel overloaded or that they carry out more tasks than they're due.
  • More focused workers, if you have the right amount of employees; your staff will feel more comfortable, not having to worry about a lot of extra tasks can help increase focus on their own ones. Providing favorable results to the company, production and sales-wise.
  • You will save more time. Now you will have more time for yourself, to get new partners, contracts or other opportunities.
  • You will get more money. It might look far-fetched, but yes, you will get more profit. This is due to the greater number of employees, greater production and the same or even better quality.
  • Happy customers. This being the most important reason, having more production and quality will give you satisfied customers.

This is why Team Extension is important, but the main question is when to hire new employees?

team extension

When is a team extension required?

If you are running the direction of a company and you don't know when you'll need a team extension, we invite you to read the following:

  1. Overloaded employees; If you have already received multiple complaints from your employees, because they feel overloaded, with tasks that are not theirs or if they work excessive overtime. It is time to hire new staff.
  2. Increase in profits; If you are having profit increases and you are thinking about hiring new personnel, do it! I assure you, you will double your earnings by hiring new staff that is willing to produce more and in less time.
  3. New opportunities; If you want to expand your company but you feel that your work team is not prepared to assign new tasks. Hire new trained or more experienced staff.
  4. Late deliveries: If your workers take longer to deliver orders, products, etc. It means that something is not right; you may need to hire more staff and evaluate the one you already have.

Remember that when hiring new staff, you need to be as specific as possible; the type of employee you are looking for, which skills and abilities you need; look for proactive traits on them.

Once you understand all of this; you'll know that team extension will help you grow yourself and your company. You should not fear new challenges for fear of losses, both in money and in customers. Your time is valuable, way more than the few pennies that you can save annually by not expanding.

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